Fx Crypto Mkts is a scam. about 70 percent of the withdrawal proofs you are see are from guys who affiliate with the scammers. You invest at your own risk.
Fx Crypto Mkts is a scam. about 70 percent of the withdrawal proofs you are see are from guys who affiliate with the scammers. You invest at your own risk.

Fx Crypto Mkts Review: Is Fx Crypto Market Legit, Scam or Worth it?

One of the worse things to do as a business person is to invest in a platform you have no knowledge about.

What is Fx Crypto Mkts (fxcryptomkts.co.uk)?

Whiles having rest after a long business day reviewing some investment sites, a friend from Tunisia sent me a message asking if I know FX Crypto Market. I was very frank, I said no but I will research.

I spent 7 days investigating this business, joining their Telegram platform, and performing some few investments, and here are my verdicts.

Fx Crypto Mkts which has a domain URL fxcryptomkts.co.uk claim to be a Crypto investment platform where you earn huge with a little investment you make. On their business page. I chanced on them ABout Us page and this is what they wrote:

“The official language of the company is English. For a more complete description of the Company’s activity, please visit the English version of the site. information translated into languages other than English is for information purposes only and has no legal force, the Company is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in other languages”

“FX CRYPTOMKTS respects each individual’s right to privacy. We value our relationship with you, and we take pride in maintaining loyalty and respect with each individual client by providing you with security. The provisions of this notice apply to former clients as well as our current clients
If you’re looking to trade the foreign exchange market, you’re in the right place! FX CRYPTOMKTS.CO.UK gives you access to over 40 CFDs on currency pairs, including Forex majors, such as EURUSD; Forex minors, such as EURGBP; and exotic pairs, like USDCZK. Admiral Markets offers much more than Forex trading”

“We also offer CFDs on indices,energies, ETFs, stocks and cryptocurrencies! The first step to start trading the Forex and CFD markets is signing up for a Trader`s Room account. Then, you can open either a Demo trading account with virtual funds or a Live trading account.”

First of all the above statements on their business page are plagiarized. It is a stolen written business message from different websites after which plagiarism tools were used to pick a vital part of what they wanted. You can compare and see the extractions here:

What Fx Crypto Mkts Promises Investors

FX Crypto Mkts have 4 plans for investors:

Level 1: You earn 10 percent of any invested amount within 10 hours, yes 10 hours. The minimum deposit for this level is $50 dollars and a maximum $500 dollars. You as well earn 5% referral commissions if your downline deposits.

Level 2: At this level, you earn 20% of every deposit you make in 9 hours. The minimum for this level is $600 and no maximum. Below is a screenshot of their promised investment plans.

FX Crypto Mkts have 4 plans for investors:
FX Crypto Mkts have 4 plans for investors

Is Fx Crypto Mkts Licensed?

Fx Crypto Mkts claimed to be registered and licensed. The answer is, it’s a big lie. The website and it’s owners are not registered neither are they regulated by any exchange or Security Exchange body. They are faceless organizations operating from nowhere.

Where is Fx Crypto Mkts Located?

This website knowing their activities have hidden most of their stuff including location. I managed to do in-depth review however it was difficult locating them. A few information we got, the domain was registered only this year 02-Jun-2020, and renewed 29-Aug-2020. Their name servers are dns1.namecheaphosting.com and dns2.namecheaphosting.com implying that they are hosted on Namecheap. You can find more information here: https://www.webhostinghero.com/#fxcryptomkts.co.uk

Do not believe their Cyprus and England gimmick. Those guys are mostly hiding in third world countries. Without any offense, the probability that they are from Nigeria, Venezuela, and many third world countries is high.

They claim to have headquarters at Head Office, 41 Withers Close, Alford, United Kingdom, London, and phone number +447401530419. It’s false, there is no business by name Crypto MKTs at the said location. The phone number up there is a virtual number bought from another website. 

Virtual numbers act as real numbers that are operated from different location. You will be scammed if you believe and deposit.

Does Fx Crypto Mkts Pay Investors?

Of course yes, at the initial stage of every business that want to impress, they will pay a few depositors. The truth is, they take the first depositors money and use it to pay the second depositor. The reason is that you will deposit again after the first withdrawal and if you deposit again, definitely it will be bigger than the first. Your fund will be locked from there.

Is Fx Crypto Mkts Scam or Legit?

Obviosly by now you know where to stand. This is a crypto currency scam website managed by some guys someone. Most of them pay developers on Fiverr to get the design done.

In your first attempt to withdraw or at the early stage, they may pay you but note that they are smart guys. You will lose everything if you deposit bigger. It’s not worth the risk to invest in a faceless business.

10% in 9 hours? Does your common sense tell you that any legit business will promise you this much?

Well, this is my personal opinion, Fx Crypto Mkts is a scam. about 70 percent of the withdrawal proofs you are see are from guys who affiliate with the scammers. You invest at your own risk.

I could be wrong, please tell us your experience, leave a review below with your experience with Fx Crypto Mkts.