Fox News Today: Political panel rips new Joe Biden political ad: ‘One of the worst slogans I’ve ever heard’

Fox News Today: Political panel rips new Joe Biden political ad: ‘One of the worst slogans I’ve ever heard’

Fox News Today:


A panel of political experts on Fox Nation’s “Deep Dive” ripped a new political ad released by former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign on Tuesday.

“If Donald Trump is reelected, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation,” narrated Biden over images of Trump supporters followed by video of men marching with torches and Confederate flags. “We can’t. And I will not let this man be reelected president of the United States of America,” said Biden at the end of the ad.

“This is, I think, a reflection of the statement that Biden made when he entered this race, which is essentially saying Donald Trump is an irredeemable bigot and destructive force and he needs to be stopped,” observed Wall Street Journal editorial board assistant editor James Freeman.

“Is that a good theme for a campaign in 2020?” he asked the “Deep Dive” panel.

“One of the worst slogans I’ve ever heard in a commercial is ‘I will not let Donald Trump be president,'” said Brad Blakeman, who is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and a former member of President George W. Bush’s senior staff. “That’s not the way our country works. We will decide — the people — as to who our president’s going to be.”

Blakeman went on the make the case that Democrats are trying to either impeach the president or ruin his standing among the American electorate. “Democrats are doing the ‘I’ by this inquisition we’re seeing before our eyes. They want two bites at the apple. Let’s try and remove him or damage him so bad… that he’s unelectable,” he argued.

“Hating somebody? That’s not the way you win the presidency,” Blakeman concluded. “You win the presidency by being hopeful. And there’s always a future and something to aspire to. You can’t hate Donald Trump out of office.”

“I didn’t like the part in the Biden ad where he says if Trump gets four more years, it’ll change the character of America forever,” added Fox Business Network’s John Stossel. “We the people decide the character — the president doesn’t decide the character of America.”

Former Sen. Hank Brown R-Colo., said that he believes that it is a mistake for the Biden campaign to try and beat Trump at his own game. “I think it’s a mistake to try and play Donald Trump’s game. The reality is he’s an expert at this kind of back and forth.”

Additionally, Brown suspected that Democrats may be overestimating the degree of animosity that minority groups hold for the president. “All you have to do is look at the last few years to see the record number of jobs going to minorities in this country to understand that Trump has a far better solution to help those who’ve had a challenge in America,” he contended.

The former vice president also reportedly criticized the president’s mental health on Monday during remarks to a New York City law firm.

“Narcissism is a mental deficiency,” Biden reportedly said of the president. “And it means you cannot tolerate any criticism at all.”

This shows, “Joe has a sense of humor,” remarked Brown. “For somebody who spent three decades in the U.S. Senate to complain about narcissism is extraordinary. It is the center of narcissism in our society. And for him to call out the president shows a new standard.”

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