Former detective Stephen Nicholas Broderick accused of rape is the suspect in the Austin massacre.

Former detective Stephen Nicholas Broderick accused of rape is the suspect in the Austin massacre

It is rumored that the suspect is Stephen Nicholas Broderick who used to be a former law enforcement officer.

A massive manhunt has been underway in Austin, Texas, targeting an armed suspect who allegedly shot three people around a complex late Sunday morning.

The police reported that three adults, including two Hispanic females, were found dead. They say they believe the suspect is Stephen Broder, who was arrested last year for a sexual assault of a child. The Travis County Sheriff’s Office detective was placed on administrative leave in June following an allegation of sexual assault.

As of 2:30 p.m., he is considered armed and dangerous and officers have told everyone to stay indoors and watch out. Since there’s a chance that he might have taken a hostage, police in the Austin area are keeping a watchful eye out for him.

Brodie knew the victims but refused to explain the motivation for the shooting according to Chacon.  Also, he mentioned a minor child but it was no longer a problem after found.

The first 911 call came in at 11:44 in the morning and three adults were found dead on the scene. She didn’t know exactly where they were killed, but EMS had been dispatched to a strip mall and several large retail stores with an apartment complex behind it.

“On-scene, ATCEMS has 15 response assets. There have been no reports of other patients at this time. All assets have been staged [and] are ready to enter the immediate incident location “Earlier, Austin-Travis County EMS posted on Twitter.

From the video footage, it was clear to see a significant number of emergency responders had been deployed, including dozens of police vehicles. The law enforcement agencies that arrived on the scene were equipped with several ambulances and two SWAT trucks as well as a helicopter, in addition to a drone.

There is a strip mall that contains several retail stores and large apartment complexes located in the mountainside with various winding and rolling hills.

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Bustling into the area like a bloody Olympic hero into the streets because Josh Katz, who had just visited Trader Joe’s, said, that police and emergency vehicles flooded the area when he left. There was no indication of gunfire.

“The cops had their guns out,” he said. “Some had pistols, some had rifles and they were strapping on bulletproof vests. There were all of a sudden ambulances, sirens, and police cars There were cops coming from everywhere.”

According to the police, the highway patrol, the area around a section of the highway would be closed down.

Who is Stephen Nicholas Broderick?

Broderick previously worked as a detective for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office. After being charged with a sexual assault of a child in June 2020, he was initially placed on leave. This is a felony in the first degree. His bond was set at $100,000 at the time, and the Texas Rangers were investigating.

According to a spokeswoman, he bonded out of jail days after his arrest and resigned as a sheriff’s officer. It’s unclear whether this case is linked to the shooting on Sunday.

Who is Stephen Nicholas Broderick