Athletic runner stretching legs before running

Flexible and Fit: 4 of the Best Stretches Before Workout Time

Are you interested in working out to get fit and toned, but worried about getting injured from your efforts? One great way to prevent workout injuries and stay safe during your fitness session is by having a proper warm-up and cool-down session every single time!

Workout stretches will ensure that your body is ready for any aerobic activity by revving up your heart rate, raising your body temperature, and increasing blood flow to your muscles. It can be hard on your body to get right into working out with cold muscles.

Below, we speak about the 4 best stretches you can use before working out to reduce your chances of getting an injury.

1. Child’s Pose

Too many of us have lower backs that are weak because we sit on a desk all day with poor back support and terrible postures. If we go into a workout with a back that hasn’t been stretched out, it could result in injuries.

Use a yoga mat for this stretch. Come into a kneeling position with your butt on your heels and your knees far apart from each other.

Lean forward relaxing your torso and chest on the ground. Stretch your arms forward and relax deeply into the pose. Feel the stretch throughout your back and shoulders.

2. Cat and Cow Pose

This one is another good one for increasing the flexibility of your spine and getting ready for anything your workout throws at you.

Come onto your hands and knees on a yoga mat. Then round down your back looking downwards and take a moment there, relaxing into the pose. After that you can move into the cat position by moving your head up and coming into an upward C position with your back.

3. Hamstring Stretch

Sitting on a desk all day long means your hamstrings are probably tight and need stretching before any workout. Stand with your hand on a fence or a tree, something that can help you balance.

Grab your ankle and pull your leg up behind you with your heel coming up to your buttocks, or as close as possible. Feel that deep stretch and do it on both sides, holding it for as long as you feel comfortable. Every home workout should begin with this one.

4. Forward Bend

This is an easy one to do and will stretch out your entire body. Standing on level ground, bring your upper body down so it’s parallel to your legs. Let your upper body and arms hang without forcing it, and feel the stretch through your back, hamstrings, and neck.

Use These Best Stretches to Make Your Workout Less Injury-Prone

Pre-workout stretches like the ones listed above (and there are many more out there) will ready your body for anything that comes its way. This way you don’t have to worry about overdoing it or pulling a muscle.

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