Fixing Gadgets: How to Become a Phone Repair Technician

Did you know that 4 billion people use mobile phones around the globe, but only 3.5 billion use a toothbrush? If you’re a lover of phones then you might consider becoming a phone repair technician.

This article will take a look at how to get started in this role. Read on to explore these facts and get your dream job started today.

How To Become a Cell Phone Repair Technician

When you’re looking to become a phone technician, you can receive a certification from places like Some phone technicians go on to earn their bachelor’s or master’s degree. It’s possible to become one with only a high school diploma or GED.

Phone Repair Schools

When you’re ready to learn what’s necessary, you’ll want to find a cell phone technician training school near me. Online schools are also an option as well.

You’ll learn how to diagnose and repair iPhones, mobile devices, tablets, and Android phones. If you choose an in-person school, then you might receive hands-on instruction.

Fees cover practice devices, parts, and other fees. The benefit of attending an iPhone repair Chester school is that it’s quicker than attending a community college.

Trade Schools and Community Colleges

You can also find out how to become a phone repair technician through trade schools or community colleges. The tuition fee will cover books, tools, repair parts, instructions, and practice devices.

While some schools might have their own certifications, many train you to prepare for an exam. One certification is the CompTIA A+. This includes networking, operational procedures, computer repair, and problem-solving.

What Does a Cell Phone Repair Technician Do?

As a cell phone repair technician, you can diagnose and troubleshoot issues that mobile phones have. It might also include performing software updates or replacing parts as well.

Cell phone repairs include software bugs, cracked screens, internal issues, etc. You’ll come up with the best solution for what the phone is experiencing. Customer service and problem-solving are important skills for this role.

Top Skills

Some of the top skills to have for this role include cell phone knowledge, hardware, tablet, and customer service. One of the high-demand skills is working with electronic devices.

This is when you can perform refurbishment and high-quality repairs for GPS/tablets/laptops/phones/etc. Being comfortable fixing Androids is important as well.

It’s important to be able to figure out different problems depending on the type of phone it is. Apple knowledge is vital as well.

Along with these, depending on the place you work, you might have sales goals that you need to meet. This can pair nicely with your customer service skills.

How To Become a Phone Repair Technician

Now that you’ve explored this guide on how to become a phone repair technician, you’ll be able to become one in no time. Would you like to read more informative content and how-tos?

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