Finding the Right NYC Luxury Hotel for Business or Personal Travel

There are over three hundred different hotels in New York City. If you’re planning a trip to the Big Apple, be it for business or pleasure, you may have a hard time picking a room! We highly recommend springing for an NYC luxury hotel while you visit – the comfort and amenities will be more than worth it!

Shopping for a luxury hotel in NYC can be overwhelming. There’s a room perfect for everyone here, whether you want high-class Hygge decor and room service, or minimalist rooms with a view of the skyline. If you’re a Jimmy Buffett fan, there’s even a beachy Margaritaville hotel just for you.

In this guide, we’ll break down the ten best luxury hotels in New York City. We’ll let you know the average price, which hotels are best for business, and which are best for relaxing in. Keep reading to see what NYC has to offer.

Which NYC Luxury Hotel is Right For You?

Before finding your perfect hotel, consider your own needs. Are you traveling alone, or with children? Where will you be spending most of your time while in the city?

If traveling with children, you’ll want to find a hotel that offers suites.  Having multiple rooms allows for much-needed space and relaxation. Many suites will also have a kitchenette, allowing your family to snack as needed!

If you’re traveling for business, it can be a boon to find a hotel with an attached restaurant or cafe. This way you’ll be able to take formal and informal meetings in an impressive space!

No matter the reasons for your travel, you’ll want to make sure your hotel is located centrally to where you’ll be spending your time. You don’t want a hotel in Williamsburg if you’ll be in Central Manhattan most days!

After making sure a hotel meets all your criteria, it’s time to shop. Different hotels have different vibes and aesthetics – choose one that matches yours.

What to Look For in an NYC Luxury Hotel

Shopping through hotels is difficult in the best of times. Everything looks great online, but how do you know it’ll live up to the hype?

Here’s a checklist of what to look for when hotel shopping.

  • COVID-19 Procedures: even as restrictions begin to lift, you want to make sure the hotel takes your health seriously; they should have their precautions plainly stated on their website
  • Dining Options: check if the hotel includes a free breakfast with booking; otherwise, see if they offer room service, have an in-house restaurant, or other dining opportunities
  • Reviews and Ratings: do your due diligence and read reviews while checking out hotels; you can find out valuable information about the space
  • Extra Amenities: some hotels have amazing features like a beer tap in the room or partnerships with high-end local businesses; see what extras your hotel has to offer
  • Targeted to Tourists: there’s nothing wrong with a luxury hotel geared toward tourists, but you may better enjoy a hotel suited for businessmen or travelers

Our Favorite Luxury Hotels in NYC

This is a non-exhaustive NYC luxury hotel guide. They just happen to be the ones we personally recommend, whether it’s due to their unique atmosphere or their name recognition. We’ve traveled to these hotels and seen what they have to offer; you can trust that we know first-hand how great these rooms can be.

Whether you’re funky or traditional, there’s a high-end hotel you’re sure to love in NYC.

1. Loews Regency

Loews Regency is one of the coolest hotels in NYC. If you’ve visited the city a few times and want to stay in a hip, upbeat hotel, Loews is your best bet. Their Pop Art room recently went viral due to its mod design and bright decor.

Loews offers spacious rooms and suites, with optional balcony rooms and kitchenette suites. If you’re traveling with children, this is a great place to go. Loews Regency is central to the most popular spots in NYC and offers you luxury rooms with plenty of space.

Location: 540 Park Ave & 61st Street

Rooms starting at $299

Trip Advisor Rating: 55/511

Best For: families, long term stays, art deco enthusiasts

Pros: centrally located, on-site spa, salon, and gym, spacious rooms

Cons: noisy lower rooms, small windows

Website: Loews Regency

2. Westgate New York Grand Central

This hotel underwent a massive renovation in 2020 and is now one of the most sought-after locations in NYC. Westgate is one of a chain of hotels, so you’ll get reliable service and all the benefits of renting from a corporate location. However, you’ll get the personalized attention of a bed and breakfast, all with state-of-the-art facilities.

Westgate caters to working professionals and those traveling on business. It offers multiple conference rooms that are available to all guests, meaning you can have a full workday without even leaving the hotel! If you’re organizing a corporate event or meeting, Westgate is your best bet.

Location: 304 East 42nd Street

Rooms starting at $225

Trip Advisor Rating: 383/511

Best for: business travel, conferences, sightseeing

Pros: newly renovated, within walking distance of major landmarks, 

Cons: noisy neighborhood


3. The Beekman

The Beekman looks unassuming from the outside. Located in the Financial District, the building looks plain from the outside. But once you enter, you’ll find yourself in a sprawling atrium that will take your breath away.

The Beekman is one of the most beautiful hotels in NYC. It has been preserved for nearly a century! You’ll be blown away by the Art Deco beauty available in this hotel.

Location: 123 Nassau Street

Rooms starting at $237

Trip Advisor Rating: 32/511

Best for: architecture enthusiasts, business travel, short term stays

Pros: beautiful architecture, personalized service, historic location

Cons: noisy neighborhood, non-central location

Website: The Beekman

4. The William Vale

If you want to stay in a picturesque Brooklyn hotel, The William Vale is your spot. Located in the hip, up-and-coming Williamsburg neighborhood, William Vale offers hotel rooms that feel like home. This hotel was designed to maximize the view from the middle of the city, and you’ll be impressed by how much light your room will get!

William Vale is on the lower-priced end of our luxury hotels but has amazing benefits. There’s a pool, a rooftop bar, and an in-house Italian restaurant that’s loved by locals. Williamsburg has a thriving art and music scene that will be great for those who are used to the more touristy parts of NYC.

Location: 111 North 12th Street 

Rooms starting at $299

Trip Advisor Rating: 8/89 (Brooklyn) 

Best for road trippers, artists in residency, modern luxe lovers

Pros: mod design, new architecture, vibrant neighborhood, balconies in every room

Cons: small rooms, expensive to upgrade, far from Manhattan

Website: The William Vale

5. The Knickerbocker

If you usually avoid Times Square as we do, the Knickerbocker may make you reconsider. A hidden gem among the big-name corporate hotels that surround Times Square, this hotel provides actual luxury in one of the most well-known parts of the city.

The Knick strives to bring accessible luxury to Times Square. You’ll be in the heart of the city, but feel as if you’re on a calm country getaway in The Knick’s spacious rooms. They emphasize quality over quantity, which means you’ll have to make an early reservation!

Location: 6 Times Square

Rooms starting at $356

Trip Advisor Rating: 56/511

Best for single travelers, first-time visitors,  

Pros: rooftop bar, historic location, beautiful new renovations

Cons: noisy neighborhood, tourist-focused marketing, unimpressive view

Website: The Knickrbocker

6. Baccarat Hotel

This hotel is in the running for the best hotel in NYC.  The Baccarat is the height of New York Luxury, and it should be, considering it’s owned by a Fine Crystal producer of the same name. No expense is spared at the Baccarat, and the reservation price proves it!

The Baccarat’s interiors are stunning. One of the perks of being owned by a jewel and crystal company is that the inside is drenched in crystal decor. But the Baccarat is about more than just appearances: they make sure your visit is worth every penny with painstaking cleaning and top-notch service.

The Baccarat is prohibitive to most budgets. But if you can swing it, we highly recommend staying for a night or two. You’ll feel like part of the one percent in this hotel.

Location: 28 West 53rd Street

Rooms starting at $895

Trip Advisor Rating: 23/511

Best for: big spenders, CEOs, celebrities, jewel enthusiasts

Pros: stunning interiors, world-renowned service, immaculate cleaning, on-site food and drink

Cons: expensive, thin walls, difficult to snag a reservation

Website: Baccarat Hotel

7. The Bowery

The Bowery neighborhood has come a long way in the past century. In 1913, Teddy Roosevelt described the street as “haunted by demons”! Since then, the street has come a long way and is now known for being an eclectic refuge for musicians, artists, and other travelers.

The Bowery Hotel is within walking distance of the East Village and SoHo, allowing you to traipse through NYC’s cultural hubs during your visit. They cater to high-class customers and have world-famous bartenders designing their seasonal drink menus. No detail is overlooked at The Bowery, and isn’t that the true meaning of luxury?

The rooms at The Bowery are beyond gorgeous, with high ceilings, exposed brick, and floor-to-ceiling windows. The hotel has inspired works of art, poems, films, and more; come see what it’s all about!

Location: 335 The Bowery

Rooms starting at $555

Trip Advisor Rating: 38/511

Best for: artists, free spirits, academics

Pros: beautiful interior, common rooms that encourage socializing, in-house bar, gym, and spa, hardwood floors, historic location

Cons: on the pricey side, limited number of rooms, no onsite parking

Website: The Bowery

8. Andaz 5th Avenue

Andaz 5th Avenue has become a staple among frequent NYC visitors. Located in the heart of midtown, Andaz is close to all the important business and cultural hubs in NYC. No landmark is too far away!

Andaz 5th Avenue has been acquired by Hyatt, meaning you’ll have the reliability of a chain hotel with the luxury of a boutique place. They offer both suites and single rooms, and you can choose a balcony room or one with a kitchenette!

Andaz prides itself on luxury convenience. If you want a hotel with no fuss, this is your choice.

Location: 485 5th Avenue

Rooms starting at $319

Trip Advisor Rating: 91/511

Best for: travelers, Hyatt rewards members, business trips

Pros: reliable, central location, popular neighborhood

Cons: corporately owned, generic decor, subpar housekeeping services

Website: Andaz 5th Avenue by Hyatt

9. The Benjamin

The Benjamin is a luxe hotel with all the amenities: on-site spa and salon, celebrity chef restaurant, kitchenettes, and even a pillow menu so you can get perfect rest. Located in East Midtown, The Benjamin is within walking distance of boutiques, restaurants, and more.

If you want the true NYC experience without sacrificing your comfort, go to The Benjamin. They believe that every guest deserves the highest quality of care possible. The building itself is charming, with Victorian accents next to modern amenities.

Location: 125 E 50th Street

Rooms starting at $572

Trip Advisor Rating: 139/511

Best for: extended stays, foodies, recreational travel

Pros: partnership with Geoffrey Zakarian, onsite spa and salon, late checkout, beautiful interior

Cons: perhaps too much luxury for the modern traveler, smaller rooms on lower floors

Website: The Benjamin

10. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

If you’re ready to get away from it all and retreat to the coziest rooms in the city, look no farther than 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. 1 Hotel is a chain of boutique hotels in NYC that promises to make the world better with every reservation.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge was designed by and with local Brooklyn artists, using reclaimed and recycled materials. The rooms focus on making you feel warm and cozy, using the small space to maximum effect.

This isn’t a great hotel for bringing your whole family, as the rooms run small and the bathroom doesn’t offer much privacy. But the beautiful view, amazing service, and earth-friendly design more than make up for it.

Location: 60 Furman Street

Rooms starting at $303

Trip Advisor Rating: 15/511

Best for single travelers, honeymooners, Hygge-lovers

Pros: cozy design, sustainability focus, waterfront views

Cons: rooms can go from cozy to cramped, little privacy

Website: 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Plan Your Best NYC Trip Today!

After reading this guide, we hope that you find the NYC luxury hotel that’s perfect for you. Whether you’re in the city for a huge business deal or taking your family on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, you can rest in luxury. No matter your needs, there’s a luxe hotel in the city for you.

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