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Fiji Facts: 5 Things To Know About Healthcare in Fiji

Did you know that Fiji gained independence in 1776? So, as you can expect, Fiji has become a prosperous country with all the necessary amenities for people to enjoy. But unfortunately, one aspect of this country that most people are unsatisfied with is its healthcare, and that’s because healthcare in Fiji is quite underwhelming.

Would you like to learn more interesting Fiji facts concerning its health system? If so, we invite you to stick around as we break down the Fijian healthcare system.

1. Rural Healthcare in Fiji

As you can expect, the healthcare system in the rural areas of Fiji is quite basic and underdeveloped. As a result, most Fijians travel long distances to reach a suitable clinic or hospital. Furthermore, Fiji healthcare only covers certain aspects of health-related treatments, which hinders people that depend on the public health system.

And while there are several private hospitals in larger cities, these hospitals still lack the proper equipment to diagnose illnesses. And if you’d like to learn more about this issue, check out this link for more information.

2. Fiji Health Department

Despite having limited resources, local governments have strived to improve healthcare in Fiji by increasing funds to certain rural hospitals. But, of course, upgrading these hospitals takes time since most of them are located in difficult areas to reach. Fortunately, the government has kept true to its words despite taking longer than expected to make the changes.

3. Fiji’s Emergency Medical Assistance Team

In 2019, Fiji deployed a special medical unit aimed to provide fast response to smaller islands. As a result, the FEMAT has provided medical assistance to hundreds of Fijians across the different islands of Fiji. But, of course, if they want to offer more aid to these islands, they’ll need to increase the size of the team.

4. Fiji Has One of The Most Populated Islands in the World

As you can imagine, Fiji is among the most populated islands globally, and it doesn’t seem to decrease any time soon. That’s why the Fijian healthcare system has strived to improve its system since they need to tend to hundreds of thousands of citizens. Fortunately, the Australian government has offered aid to the Fijians, which has helped them improve.

5. Fiji Plans to Provide Clean Water Access

In recent years, the Fijian government has implemented a new strategy concerning the water supply of its citizens. They aim to give the population clean water access, which should decrease hospitalizations due to harmful bacteria found in water. But, to reach that point, the Fijian government must increase funds for the nation’s water supply system.

Fiji Facts You Should Know About

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