Farmers to burn farm law copies as 'Holika Dahan' - Emerging Farmers Protest Looms

Farmers to burn farm law copies as ‘Holika Dahan’ – Emerging Farmers Protest Looms

Farmers who have been protesting at Delhi’s borders for the past four months will burn copies of farm laws on Sunday as part of the ‘Holika Dahan’ celebrations. They have also invited police officers from Delhi and Uttar Pradesh who are stationed at the borders to participate in the Holi celebrations.

“We will celebrate Holi with Delhi and Uttar Pradesh Police personnel stationed at the border. We will make the necessary arrangements for them and contact them to invite them to join us in celebrating Holi “Tikait stated.

He stated, “Pleasantries are exchanged at the India-Pakistan border whenever festivals are celebrated, so why can’t it be done here at the Ghazipur border? If no pleasantries are exchanged, it means that the Ghazipur border is more dangerous than the Pakistan border.

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“If all of the security forces and police officers do not exchange Holi greetings with them, we (farmers) will believe that the Central government does not want to communicate with us. Because they, too, are on police duty away from their homes, the Delhi Police will be invited to join us for Holi celebrations.

On the occasion of ‘Holika Dahan,’ everyone should be present at the border in the evening.” Will you invite the government to the Holi celebrations as well? Rakesh Tikait responded, “We (farmers) will only invite the border security forces and police, not the central government.

Farmers at the Ghazipur border have been singing songs and beating drums to celebrate Holi, and they will be burning copies of three Union farm laws on the occasion of ‘Holika Dahan.’