Faced with the startling surge in black homicides, BLM-supporting firms have gone silent.

Several companies that have pledged their support to the BLM or organizations that advocate changing policing have been approached by The News God Digital about their involvement.

As a result of the death of George Floyd in 2020, there has been a significant increase in business support for Black Lives Matter and other social justice initiatives across the country. Experts attributed the Black Lives Matter movement and the anti-police funding campaign to the huge increase in Black deaths that occurred after 2020, which occurred more than two years later.


As a result of George Floyd’s death, riots and protests erupted across the country in support of the Bureau of Land Management and defunding police movements during the summer of 2020, according to reports. Firms ranging from Amazon to Ulta confirmed their support for the “Black lives matter” movement, and millions of dollars were pledged to diverse social justice organizations working to rethink policing and transfer revenue from police departments.

According to FBI data released by The News God Digital this week, the number of African-Americans murdered in 2020 will have increased by 32% compared to 2019. Since the Central Intelligence Agency began keeping track of murders in 1947, that year has seen the highest single-year increase in the number of murders ever recorded.