Face mask and their importance

Face mask and their importance

Face masks are the masks that are made of fabric to cover your face from dust and germs.

Due to the pandemic, masks have gained huge importance all over the world and everyone is now wearing a mask.

There are different types of masks depending on the style in which they are produced or the stuff they are made from.

The masks provide almost ninety percent protection against viruses that is why nowadays everyone must wear a mask.

Cloth masks

The cloth masks are made of different types of fabrics or clothes. These masks are good against the dust particles in the air.

The cloth masks can be washed again and again and they can be used for a long time. The fabric makes them breathable.

While purchasing this mask lookout for air valves as they don’t give good protection against bacteria and viruses.

Also see if the mask can block the light if the mask cannot block light then it is useless against bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

The mask with a single layer of fabric is also useless against the dust and other particles in the air so it should not be worn.

Disposable facemasks

The disposable face masks are very common and you would have seen a lot of people wearing them.

These masks are cheap and are made of multiple layers of non-woven layers that offer good protection against dust and viruses.

While purchasing or wearing the disposable mask you should carefully see if it is loose or there is some space between mask and nose.

If they are loose or there is space between the nose and masks then they are useless. Other than that, you should not use them if someone has used them already or if they are wet or dirty.

These masks should be worn every time you go out to meet with people you don’t live with or when you have flu or temperature so that others won’t get infected.

If the mask is loose you can tie a knot around the ear loops to make it tight.

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KN-95 masks

After the pandemic, the mask that was highly recommended by the Governments and health care workers from all over the world was the KN-95 mask.

It is just like the N-95 mask in the United States and is manufactured in China. These masks are woven with multiple layers of fabric with a facepiece filter that helps in breathing while wearing it.

These masks are very effective when you are wearing them and are mostly used by the health care workers that are taking care of infected patients.

It is expensive as compared to the other masks and is not manufactured in many countries.

Full-length face shield

The face shield is a piece of the big plastic or see-through polymer that covers the face completely from the head to the neck.

These are good because even if someone sneezes on them the air cannot go past them but below the neck, these shields are completely exposed.

The best way to use a face shield is to wear a mask below a shield in this way you can get maximum protection against viruses and bacteria.

These are used by the doctors who are treating the patients in the covid infected areas.

Why should we wear a face mask?

Face masks are very beneficial as well as we can say that your life depends on the masks nowadays.

The coronavirus is deadly and a large population all over the world has faced health problems due to the virus.

Many people have died because of the Coronavirus and the only way to end this global pandemic is to follow the Sops and wear masks for the safety of your health as well as for the safety of your loved ones.

The masks should be worn by you because you might not realize it but you can be contagious.

We meet a lot of people daily and there is a big chance that you can spread the virus to a lot of people before even realizing that you are covid positive.

So, for the sake of your health and for the sake of the people that are around you must wear a mask to ensure your and their safety as well.

The other health benefits of the mask are that it helps protect your lungs and nose from dust particles.

There are a lot of dust particles present in the air that can cause you coughing as well as a bad throat.

Almost all lung diseases are caused by smoke and dust and you can lower the damage done to your lungs by wearing a face mask while travelling and going outside.

We should all wear face masks as they not just protect us but also ensure the safety of our loved ones.