Eye-Catching Color Combinations In Display Ads

Eye-Catching Color Combinations In Display Ads

Display advertising is one of the most popular ways of advertising for driving traffic toward the website, social media, or other digital mediums for taking a specific action. Display ads comprise text-based, image, or video advertisements. The user clicks through to reach the landing page and take a specific action (e.g. making a purchase or downloading something).

The display ad campaigns are charged on a cost per click (CPC) basis. For example, every time a user on the Google search engine clicks on your ad, you will be charged by Google an amount based on your overall bidding strategy. For the same reason, you must have a great display ad campaign, and you must be aware of how to create a compelling display ad that can attract an audience and give you great RoI. You can use the Facebook ad template for creating banner ads.

We all know how crowded the display advertising market is. So, the first step for an effective display ads campaign is making an awesome ad banner. Though it’s a daunting task, you must try the best available color combinations for your display ads banner.

Your ad banner should be in line with your client’s expectations and visually appeal to your audience; in other words, it should be clickbait! You can also make use of a free intro maker that has different color schemes.

You must be thinking about how to design a stunning banner that stands out in the crowd.

Eye-Catching Color Combinations In Display Ads

Understand the color theory

While designing your banner ad and choosing color combination for the same, you must keep in mind that there are four types of color schema or palettes to choose from:

Monologues color palette – It includes a single color with several shades used to complete a composition.

Complementary combinations – These colors are contrasted to each other, but when used together, they complement each other and give a sharp effect to the whole composition.

Analogous color palette – These colors, though lie next to each other, convey harmony whenever used in the same layout together.

Triadic combinations – Evenly positioned on the color wheel, you can locate them while using a triangle or a square shape.

Here is a simple guide on using various color schemes and palettes and how to combine them while using them in your display ads:

Bright colors

Bright colors like sky blue, pink, and green are used for conveying loud messages. So each communication material should comply with your brand’s design guidelines, including colors, typography, icons, and information.


We are used to associating shade of blue with uniforms. Blue can be used in combination with other colors to depict various concepts. For example, Mediterranean blue is a combination of grayish blue with a desaturated dark blue. It also combines a range of different brown colors. Users can use this combination for designs related to travel or nature.

Magenta and yellow

When you combine different shades of magenta with yellow, you are able to create a totally new palette. This could be used in your display ads in various forms for achieving the desired results.

Orange sunset

Try combining dark pink and a dark desaturated violet with a soft red and a soft orange. This will create a vibrant and colorful palette, which you can use in a variety of designs for communicating energy and warmth.

Turquoise and red

If you try mixing blues, cyans, and red, you would be able to create a range of palettes for your banner designs, right from professional ones with cool colors to the more energetic ones.

Grey and Green

We always associate the green color with nature, but when combined with gyre, it gives astounding results. Green is the color of nature, including grass, trees, and forests. It reminds us of spring and crops. In modern times, green has been used to symbolize well-being and health, and many times, organic materials.

Grey depicts the color of steel or metals, including the industrial and technological revolution. It is the color of the urban landscape.

Green and grey combine to give the feel of health and technology.


We have always associated red color with passion and green color with health and the environment, but at Christmas, they both come together to give the color of joy and festivities, and a feeling of cheerfulness.

The shade of green used in Christmas themes is called Viridian Green (Viridis in Latin means green). This shade is medium in saturation and relatively dark in value. It is the green shade of the Christmas tree and Santa’s elves.

Honey yellow

This color scheme is inspired by honey. It is the perfect palette for you when you are looking to create a bright color combination for your products. Yellow symbolizes positivity and is related to the Sun and summer. It can brighten up your ad and make it stand out in the crowd.

This color palette can be used to promote anything related to summer.

Sunny day look

Yellow is related to the Sun, warmth, and a feeling of positivity. It represents enthusiasm, playfulness. Many people can connect this shade with their childhood. Depending on the design and additional color combinations, this color is used for promoting many kids’ brands related to toys, clothes, or shoes. If you are looking to use a yellow color palette for your banner, you will have to make sure that you also incorporate other colors like blue, red, or green that are strong and can highlight essential parts or CTA buttons.

Pastel shades

Pastel colors are very light and delicate. They are best used to depict or promote feminine brands. They create the effect of a dreamy world and arouse an array of warm emotions. A pastel color palette-based banner has the potential to stand out and make an impression in the mind of the right audience.

Display ads are one of the most effective methods to reach or achieve your marketing goals. If you want to enhance their efficacy, just try combining them with other marketing activities and see your brand growing. The most important aspect is getting the right traffic and target audience without which all your marketing activities will fall flat.