Expose Corruption

Are you interested in publishing an article, posts or documents concerning crime, corruption or even your private business? He is a chance for you. We give our readers the chance to submit any article for publication at no cost.

On Crime and Corruption:

This platform was created to give voice to all individuals whose voices have been compromised by invisible Machineries. Now you have a chance to Submit documents and expose corrupt individuals without a trace. Remember this, If our country is worth dying for in time of war, let us resolve that it is truly worth living for in time of peace. The fight against corruption is your duty, its mine too. Take advantage of the “Platform” here to publish documents and expose corruption without a trace.

It’s not as if people do not want to fight corruption, its because people are afraid of the aftermath of revealing the truth. At this moment on our platform, you have the choice to let us publish your name or not. You can decide to be faceless, anonymous and you are safe.

Together let’s fight the canker called corruption. It’s dangerous to sit idle, do something now to save your children and the future generation. In situation where you want to have an extensive conversation, please email us your documents/details: [email protected] 

This platform is also a center for “Self Journalism”. You are to publish anything you want. Enjoy!!