Everything You Need to Know About Katana in New Zealand

Everything You Need to Know About Katana in New Zealand

Are you a katana lover residing in New Zealand? Are you searching for the best Japanese katanas for sale in New Zealand? But you are not sure what type of katana is suitable for you? And you are also not aware of the minute details about the katana? If so? Then! This article is for you! Keep on reading and make yourself aware of your favorite weapon’s minute detailings. So you can easily buy katana in New Zealand. 

Without any further discussions, let’s check out the in-depth about katana below!

Basics of Katana

You will get amazed to know that the katana first appeared in Japan. The word katana is the composition of two words. The first word is “kata, ” which means one sided, and the second word is “na,” that means blade. So, in combination, it becomes something like a one-sided blade. Moreover, the katana also belongs to a particular family, and that family is called the Nihonto family of swords.

  • It first appeared in Japan.
  • It is the combination of two words.
  • Kata means one-sided, and na means blade.
  • It belongs to the Nihonto family of swords.
  • If you know these basics, you will buy katana easily in New Zealand.

Detailed Definition of Katana

Among western sword enthusiasts, the katana got known as daito or dai, and the word daito is a generic name for any Japanese long sword. In other words, it is called the giant sword. So, it gets defined as a moderately curved, standard-sized Japanese sword with a blade length of more than 60.6cm. Mainly it is characterized by its unique appearance, a slender, curved, single-edged blade with a guard and grip.

  • It is known as daito or dai in the West.
  • Daito also means a Japanese long sword.
  • Its blade is more than 60.6cm.
  • It is a slender, curved, single-edged blade.
  • There is also a guard and grip to hold.

Significant Role of Katana in Battlefield

Western historians believe the katana was one of the finest and most trustworthy cutting weapons in world military history. In the 15th century, the primary weapons used on the battlefield were guns, spears, and bow, and the katana got used for close combat. Then, the tactics got changed into group battles, so naginata and tachi became the battlefield weapons, replaced by yari and katana. 

  • According to the historians of the West, it was the finest cutting weapon.
  • Katana got often used for close combat on the battlefield.
  • But when the tactics changed, they got replaced with other weapons.
  • In short, it played a significant role on the battlefield. 

The Bottom Line

the bottom line is to buy katana in New Zealand is not a big deal. All you need to do is clear your concepts regarding the basics of the katana and know its historical worth. Katana is a single-edged, curved blade, and it got extensively used for cutting. If you peep into the historical background of the katana, you will get shocked to know that it was considered one of the best cutting weapons.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand everything you need to know about Katana in New Zealand and throughout the world! Find out more