Everything to Know About Decorating with Wall Tapestries

Everything to Know About Decorating with Wall Tapestries

Wall tapestries can change a room’s look in an instant. Originally, tapestries were used to keep castles warm in the winters. However, the tapestries’ purpose has changed over the years. Now they are used as decoration. Tapestries are lightweight woven in intricate designs, and easy to hang. These have become primary decorative pieces in many homes, giving entryways a unique look and feel.

If you have been considering a wall tapestry for your home or office, but have been unsure if it’s the right fit for you, here’s everything you will need to know about decorating with wall tapestries.

  • Tapestries are a statement piece. Hang them somewhere prominent. Living rooms are ideal. However, you can also hang them in your bedroom. For office tapestries, consider the entry area, waiting room, or behind your desk.
  • Keep your wall colors and interior in mind while buying a new tapestry for your home. The last thing you need is a tapestry that is at odds with the rest of the house. Think of it as a picture or a painting; you will want to color coordinate to bring the room together.
  • Make sure to use a steamer or iron to get wrinkles out of your tapestry. Throwing your tapestry in a dryer with a damp washcloth will also do the trick. No one likes a wrinkled tapestry! Once the tapestry has been hung, wrinkling shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Tapestries can also help to create three-dimensional space. Cover your ceiling with a tapestry to create this effect. A light color tapestry can create extra vertical space in the room. Hanging tapestries from your ceiling can also act as an effective acoustic treatment, making the room’s sound even better.
  • Use a 3D command strip to hang tapestries. Strips will cause no wall damage, unlike a hammer and nails. Attach command strips on the wall and tapestry. Remove velcro and join both strips, and Viola, your tapestry is up! Heavier tapestries may need a nail or two to hang, or you can opt to use even more velcro stripping.
  • If your tapestry is exceptionally heavy, you can use a baseboard to give it some support. You can also use a rod to hang it or frame it. Framing options are convenient and an excellent way to present the art, as many frames can be purchased to coordinate with the tapestry’s color scheme.
  • Did you know you can also use wall tapestry as a comforter, table cloth, for picnics, or just drape it over an old piece of furniture? These art pieces are very versatile and can be used in many different ways to decorate a room or use as a functional piece of linen.

Tapestry shopping can be difficult because you are likely to fall in love with any Maximo Laura Tapestries you see online or in person. Keep in mind what your room’s interior looks like, design, and wall space when buying a tapestry. Know the color scheme and pattern type you are looking for before making a purchase. By pre-determining these aspects of the art, it will be easier to identify and make a purchase when you are ready to buy.

Happy Shopping!