Everton star Andre Gomes recreates ‘Cast Away’ as he channels Tom Hanks during coronavirus self-isolation

We’ve already seen Cesc Fabregas emulate one cinema icon during coronavirus self-isolation, and now Everton star Andre Gomes has done the same.

But while former Arsenal and Chelsea player Fabregas took to comedy – recreating the famous ‘Good Morning My Neighbours’ scene from the Eddie Murphy movie ‘Coming to America’ – Gomes decided to go topical with a recreation of ‘Cast Away’.


Fabregas made light of a troubling situation earlier this week
Fabregas made light of a troubling situation earlier this week

The 2000 survival film starring Tom Hanks, who recently tested positive for COVID-19, depicts a man stranded on an island after a plane crash.

Hanks is brilliant in the movie, but the real star is his lone companion – the volleyball, Wilson, named after the ball’s manufacturers.

And Gomes decided to lighten the mood in these troubling times by sharing his own version of the film – even starring his very own Wilson.

The Portugal midfielder, who only recently returned to playing after a serious injury, says to his ball companion: “Oh, I don’t even know which day is today.

“It’s been a while at home.. lack of food.. it’s hard eh?


Gomes has been trying to lighten the mood while at home


“What? I don’t know.. maybe a few more weeks.

“Imagine for me.. I was out of football for four months.. without touching the ball.. and now that I’m back I have to sit at home.. it’s bad, really bad.

“What can we do?

“Some exercise.. Netflix.. doing the challenge people put on Instagram.. that’s it.”

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When Gomes and his Everton teammates return to the pitch remains to be seen.

All professional football in England is suspended until April 3 at the earliest, and the Premier League are meeting today to assess the situation and attempt to formulate a plan as to how the 2019/20 season can be finished.

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