On Sunday December 29th, 2019 a body was found at Mason Clark middle school on 57th and state street East St Louis.

I was interviewed by a reporter from channel 5 news. I commented that it is tragic that the young people are killing each other right and left. The reality is that in the US we are in a culture of death, not a culture of life.

Many of the young people in the American African community look forward to death instead of looking forward to a long life. Do I believe that there is a solution to this problem in the US? NO! I believe that the solution to reversing the culture of death is in Africa.

The American Africans MUST reconnect to your African ROOTS or you are doomed. Our ancestors were brought to the US and turned into livestock (the crime against humanity that you don’t think or talk about. You also don’t think or talk about the system of cheating called the electoral college) in the systematic transformation from human beings to livestock our roots to Africa were severed. Many of the American Africans in the US still have the mentality of livestock.

They live their entire life and die in their assigned area, but worst, because the other US livestock don’t attack and kill each other. As a chief in the Ashanti tribe of Ghana and a business owner in Ghana, I have been advising American Africans to go to Ghana and see what a culture of life looks and feels like.

2019 was the year of return in Ghana and many American Africans went to Ghana to visit and invest.

From the desk of Nana Amo Kantinkrau

aka J Carl Kennedy

[email protected]