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Enjoy Mobile Gaming? Then Learn to Spot These Scams

Mobile games are one of the biggest attractions for kids and adults alike. However, as with anything else that takes place online, they come with some risks. Hunting monsters or searching for marvelous treasures is a great way to unwind. But safety should always come first. Hackers are always on the lookout for new prey. And you don’t want to be their next target. So, learn to spot common gaming scams to keep your sensitive data safe.

Fake Mobile Apps

Given the huge variety of gaming apps, it’s hard to distinguish real from fake ones. If you download an illegitimate app, there is a risk of data theft and fraud. These apps are designed by ill-intentioned people. Although they might offer the games they promise, it’s not safe to create an account there.

Once you register your name, email address, and more importantly, bank account, this information can’t be deleted. Basically, you hand out precious personal details to hackers. They can use them to impersonate you or steal money from your account. So, how can you spot and avoid fake apps? Here are a few tips to help you out.

5 Tips to Avoid Fake Mobile Gaming Apps

Do your homework first

there are countless apps and game developers these days. If a less-known developer draws your attention, you don’t necessarily need to avoid it. Just because a company is not among the most reputable ones, it doesn’t mean it’s illegitimate. But do your research first.

Check out the developer’s website to learn more about their activity, if and where they are registered. Then, read customer reviews. These will surely help you understand how safe the developer, hence their application is.

Check out the app’s presentation

Trustworthy applications come with lots of details and instructions. Developers usually spend a lot of time helping clients understand how to use the app. If an app seems sloppy at this and provides minimal explanations, it might not be the safest choice. Moreover, any reputable app boasts its major features. So, opt for one that does this.

Avoid clone apps

These are apps that imitate reliable ones. Just like fake websites that are copies of established ones, some developers clone apps. Their purpose is phishing and fraud. Avoid these apps by scrutinizing their design. If they don’t look professional and they have an incorrect name, don’t use them. Make sure you always check the name of the app before you download it.

Check out the app’s look

Illegitimate apps usually have some design faults. For example, they have low-quality photos, spelling mistakes, different font mismatches. In conclusion, they simply look unprofessional.

Use a reliable antivirus

If gaming is your passion, you should protect all the devices you use while you play. Your computer needs a good antivirus, but so does your mobile. Moreover, the biggest antivirus providers offer a single subscription for multiple devices. These programs can block unsafe websites, unwanted ads, or spyware you might accidentally download.

Social Media Gaming Spams

Another popular way for scammers to prey on gamers is via social media. There are countless dedicated groups on these platforms where gamers share insights. Scammers often infiltrate themselves in these groups. Here, they can learn useful information about gamers’ interests. Moreover, they can also find victims.

Therefore, the best way to behave when someone from these groups approaches you is with caution. However, the most important aspect to look out for is fake offers. Scammers often send links or create fake ads for social media. Usually, they offer discounts or some sort of incentive.

If you click on those links, you can download malicious software on your device. Alternatively, you can land on another fake page. There, you’ll be asked to fill in a form to access the offer. If you do that, you risk sharing sensitive information with hackers.

Phishing links are dangerous and quite frequent. To avoid them, it’s best not to click on offers you get via social media. If you see an interesting ad, google for its offering. If it’s a legit one, you will find it on an official website and you can access it there.

Fake SMS offers

Finally, another common method scammers use to prey on gamers is phishing SMS. These are messages you normally get from unknown numbers. They inform you that there is a gaming offer waiting for you. Sweepstakes are often used as bait to lure people in.

Obviously, if you want to benefit from it, you have to click on a link. Afterward, you can already anticipate the consequences. You might download malware on your mobile or share your data with hackers.

All in all, there are different tactics scammers use to target gamers’ money and personal data. To stay safe, you should be cautious when downloading new apps on your mobile. Moreover, you should be wary of unsolicited offers. Also, as an extra layer of protection is a good antivirus program.

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