Enhance Your Ute With Plywood Storage Drawers

If you own a ute for work or outdoor entertainment, chances are that you’re frequently frustrated by the lack of storage and organisation space for items that you haul or transport.

Whether you are a tradie in need of better storage solutions for your equipment or an avid outdoorsman needing a reliable place to store bulky sports equipment so that it won’t damage your vehicle, plywood 4wd drawers are the perfect solution for any utility vehicle cargo space.

The Benefits Of Plywood 4wd Drawers

Compared to other types of storage space materials such as steel or hardwood, plywood is considered the most durable and shock-resistant. Additionally, plywood is regarded as the best option for ute drawers because it:

  • is lightweight and easy to cut to the required size
  • is a non-porous material that will not rust
  • can be custom layered to meet the hauling needs of the heaviest or bulkiest items.
  • will last longer because plywood is a lightweight yet strong material that is not susceptible to moisture damage like other materials are.

Additionally, plywood ute drawers are incredibly affordable, costing a fraction of heavier, less reliable storage options for a ute.

How To Install Plywood Drawers

The steps to installing plywood DIY ute drawers will vary depending on the make or model of your utility vehicle. Typically, before getting started on any custom installation, it is a good idea to:

  • Consider what items you want to store
  • Measure the length, width, and height of your cargo space
  • Clear the cargo space completely

If you are installing drawers that have a slide attached to them, you may need to first use power tools to secure the frames to the cargo space of your ute. This may require the help of a professional service that can ensure no damage is done to your vehicle when drilling holes for support.

Once you have all the framework secured into your ute, you can start layering plywood to your desired thickness to meet your storage needs. Generally, thickness is chosen based on the bulk and weight of items as follows:

  • 3 Ply – for light to medium weight items
  • 4 Ply – for moderate weight items and storing tools
  • 6 Ply – for hauling hefty objects

It is important to note that you will need an adhesive to layer the plywood together to get it to the durability required to transport any item you desire safely.

Most people choose to use screws or bolts for security purposes when attaching plywood DIY ute drawers to a utility vehicle. Additionally, one may consider adding locks to the storage drawer doors to secure items when away from the vehicle.

Once you have added all of the plywood to meet your storage needs, it is a good idea to sand down the top of any exposed plywood edges for safety. Additionally, for a touch of elegance and style, you can add protective paint or varnish that will enhance the storage unit’s look while protecting it from mould, mildew, and pests.

Storage Options For Plywood Drawers

Once you have successfully installed your new plywood ute drawers, you can start loading them with all the stuff you want to carry, haul, or transport.

Because of their durability, plywood storage drawers for utility vehicles are capable of storing:

  • lawn and garden equipment such as hand tools, push mowers, yard tools, power washers, hedge trimmers, or weed whackers
  • sports equipment such as surfboards, paddles, fishing poles
  • camping gear, including sleeping bags and tents
  • tools of the trade such as ladders, paints, or construction supplies
  • personal items such as clothing and toiletries

Additionally, you can use the top of plywood storage drawers as a workstation, tabletop, or extra seating by adding a third and fourth layer. These additional layers will allow you to have a workstation or spot to take a lunch break free from adverse weather conditions.

Tips For Successfully Maintaining Plywood Storage Drawers

To keep your storage drawers in perfect condition be sure to perform the following maintenance regularly:

  • Wipe down drawers after storing messy materials such as plaster and paint.
  • Ensure all bolts and screws are tight at least once a month to keep hold of your items when transporting in high winds, rain, or snow.
  • Wipe down after every trip with an antibacterial cleaner to prevent mildew, mould, and pests.

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