Empressleak website taken down after it owner arrested

One of Ghana’s leading website (Empressleak.com) in nude videos and photos has been taken down after the owner of the website, Anderson Ofosuhene Anim, was arrested by the Cybercrime Unit of the Ghana Police Service.

The Cybercrime Unit has also confiscated all electronic gadgets used for the website as well as a collection of p3rnographic material that was meant to be published on the website.

The website, which published supposed leaked sextapes and pictures, was a major delight for many lovers of p3rnography in the country.

But the police has arrested Mario Gee for publishing p3rnographic materials of some Ghanaians after taking money from them and promising to delete their videos and pictures which had been published on the website.

Mario Gee is now before the Accra Circuit facing charges of p3rnography and money laundering among others.

He had made quite a fortune from operating the site and had acquired some property, including cars and houses.