Easy, effortless hiring with temporary recruitment software

Easy, effortless hiring with temporary recruitment software

If you’re a recruiter placing temps in contract jobs then you need temporary recruitment software. Are you still questioning why? Then read more to learn all about temp recruiting software and its advantages.

Temp recruitment involves the world of fast-paced hiring and placements. Recruiters look at thousands of CVs in a busy week. And temps recruiters are always busy.

The first and foremost requirement in temporary recruitment is quick and easy hiring. But it comes with its own set of challenges and needs.

  • Shortage of skilled people
  • Volume of applicants
  • Easy compliance checks
  • Applicant dishonesty

Temporary recruitment is all about sourcing suitable applicants quickly. That means recruiters must have a large volume of candidates who are always ready. But how can a busy recruiter guarantee those individuals are suitable for the job. Sometimes the problem is not having enough applicants to show to the hiring company.

And this is where temporary recruitment software comes in to play. This software is geared to make hiring as swift and uncomplicated as possible. Temps recruiters can use this CRM to manage all their responsibilities and maximise the results. In short, it makes life easy for recruiters.

Some of the best advantages of working with a temps software are as below.

  1. Simple shift booking
  2. Live candidate availability planner
  3. Online timesheets
  4. Compliance functionality
  5. Online skills testing
  6. Time and attendance tracking

Temps recruiters will experience a surge of productivity if they are a first time user of the software. Those who already use temporary recruitment software will be able to support this claim.

A good temp recruitment CRM software must provide these benefits listed above. Simple shift booking and live candidate availability planner help recruiters proceed quickly with checking and placing of available candidates. They don’t need to go on a candidate hunt if they find enough well-suited individuals who’re free to take on a new job.

Online skills testing helps confirm the applicant’s abilities. Applicant dishonesty can be difficult to check if there are mass candidate placements to be done. But skills tests help confirm that an applicant is not exaggerating their skills. A quick email to the client to share the results of the skills test is also effective.

The software’s time and attendance tracking features are immensely valuable. Temp workers can enter their worked hours into the applicant tracking system. It can then be checked, approved, and authorized by their managers. This removes any redundant actions and reduces waiting time to speed up the payment process. You can check out the 15 best applicant tracking system in Australia.

Compliance checks are crucial in recruitment or any hiring process. But it is more critical in temp recruitment because of the time factor. Comprehensive compliance checks enable recruiters to be quick and effective at managing all the essential right-to-work checks. Now with the impending IR35 regulation, recruiters will need an IR35 software to help determine which contractor needs to follow the new law.

Not all recruiters have a complete understanding of these legal matters. Without recruitment software, they might find it quite challenging to understand the complex regulations as well as any updates regarding them.