E-bikes May Be The Best Way To Commute Amid Rising Gas Prices

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

With gas prices hitting record highs, some are finding new ways to save money and stay away from gas stations.

While electric vehicles are in high demand some are taking it a step further to look for more wallet-friendly ways to get around town, be it through carpooling, public transportation or, you guessed it, e-bike

Whether you’re new to electric bikes or a seasoned veteran in all the incredibly fun ways to ride them, knowing the benefits they deliver makes it simple to understand why they are so easy to love. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this popular commute device.

Faster Commuting

First, your commute from home to work will be faster since you can quickly pass cars and motorcycles in traffic jams and be first on a line of traffic lights.

The e-bikes’ speed usually hits 25 km/h, that is more than comfortable and safe for e-bike riders to cope with and reach their destination the soonest as possible and without any effect on their physical integrity and health.

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These faster commutes are also done in style, and people will love to see you overpass the other cars to find a tiny parking spot to ensure that your e-bike will be there waiting for you when you finish your office job shift in the afternoon.

Lower Costs

Commuting with electric bike will reduce the monthly transportation bills. E-bikes only need battery charge, it will not cost you more than $1 each day for a 40 km commute. E-bike batteries use less power to recharge, sometimes you can have them recharged by using the pedals every time you are on even surfaces.

Not only do you lower the commuting costs, but you also care for the environment since the power could come from sustainable sources and minimize your carbon imprint.

It Is Fun

Biking to work will bring a lot of fun for your commute.  Even something as simple as ringing a bell or high five on the street can make your day enjoyable. If you bike to work and come in with a smile, it will help other people feel the same way (smiles are contagious).

You must admit it. The feeling of zipping down the street, cornering, jumping over curbs; there’s something exhilarating about it.

Good for Your Health

Regardless of your fitness level, riding an e-bike is a great way to seamlessly incorporate cardio into your routine. Even in pedal assist mode, you are still using human power to move!

If you want to opt for a more traditional bike workout, you can still use the e-bike in pedal-only mode just like a regular bike, without the need for electricity. Plus, no matter where you ride, there’s nothing better than a daily workout routine while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

It Is Safe

Speed isn’t the only thing that matters when commuting on an e-bike. Of course, you want to get from A to B as quickly as possible, but safety is key. With the right gear and the right precautions, your commute can be safe and fast!

Besides, as the technology is improving, more e-bike companies install the smart drive system on their products. Such as Honbike, their ChainFree One can intelligently detect and adjust to different terrains. When its gyroscopes detect a slope, its CPU applies more power. Always in tune with the rider, there are no jolts, just effortless smooth riding. In addition, the same responsive gyroscope and sensor technology react to acute cornering angles, cutting power if the bike tilts too much (+30°), giving the rider full control. 

Get rid of the hassle of parking issue

Finding a parking space can be the worst part of driving in the city. In addition to facing prolonged traffic jams, driving to work can take up to 15 minutes looking for a free parking space.

But when you bike to work, parking isn’t a problem. In addition to the fact that you can fit more bikes than a car in a standard parking space, if you have a foldable e-bike, you’re likely to bring it into the office.

Wondering where to put your e-bike to work? Obviously, you’ll want to park it somewhere near an outlet and lock it up as usual. On the other hand, if your e-bike has a removable battery, you can park it anywhere you can park a regular bike and take the battery with you. All of our e-bikes come with removable batteries themselves.

Better for Work 

Going to work can be difficult at times. We’ve all had days where we wake up in a mental fog and it follows us to the office.

Research shows that exercising in the morning can improve cognitive agility and focus: two very important things to have in the workplace. It can be  a ten-minutes cardio workout.

Commuting by bike is like a mini exercise in itself. So if you bike to work in the morning, you’ll have bright eyes and a bushy tail, ready for the day.