Dogs and Fireworks: How to Calm Your Dog’s Fear

Dogs and Fireworks: How to Calm Your Dog’s Fear

Humans love fireworks display which is why they are used for seasons of celebration. Dogs, on the other hand, are afraid of fireworks. They are frightened by the flashing lights and the loud sounds produced by fireworks. Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to calm your dog’s fear.

Although certain things can be done to reduce the fear of your furry friend during the light show, the better solution will be to desensitize your pal to noisy sounds. This process is done for a while to ensure they get over the fear completely. Hence, you can show them how to link such sounds to another positive thing rather than what scares them. Click here to find how to desensitize your dog.

Tips to Calm your Dog During Fireworks

The following tips can be used to calm your dog during fireworks…

1. Keep them inside

While you may not have control over when a neighbor will choose to set off some firecrackers, you ought to know the seasons when polenböller bestellen are mostly used.

While the 4th of July is a well-known day when fireworks will be on display, there are other festive seasons when they are also used. Hence, you need to find out such seasons and keep tabs on them.

During such seasons, do not let your dog go outside. The law doesn’t allow the use of fireworks after 11 pm except during Bonfire Night. Hence, you can take advantage of that and walk your dog during the day while paying attention to the area for any sign of fireworks usage.

You can also feed your dog early which will help it stay calm even while the fireworks are going on outside. However, we recommend you do this some days before the main light show so that they get used to the routine.

2. Make a “safe place” for your canine friend inside

This is a place of retreat for your canine buddy where it can run into and feel safe from the lights and noise. You can drape a blanket over a table to create such a space. Or you can allow your dog to choose where it wants to hide during the firework. Just make sure the place is comfortable for your canine buddy.

3. Keep the TV or radio on

Doing this will mask the noise of the fireworks which will lessen the effect of the noise on your canine friend. Classical music is ideal for this kind of situation and will aid in calming your pup. Visit to find out the best classical music for your dog. Or you could go with a song that has h4 bass and the volume it is played on must be convenient for your pet.

4. Cover the curtains and windows

The lights apart from the noise will scare your dog. Hence, you need to do everything that will prevent them from seeing those bright and blinding lights. And the best way to do this apart from keeping them indoors is to cover the windows and curtains.

Do not forget to turn on the lights inside the house when you cover the windows and the curtains. This action will also reduce the effect of the lights flashing outside.

5. Do not restrict your pet to a particular room

Even though you might have created a “safe place”, do not restrict your pet to that space or room. There is still a possibility that they will get agitated and stressed. Therefore, allow them to move freely within the house. They could choose to even curl up with you instead of staying in their own spot. When this happens, allow them because it will help them calm down a great deal.

6. Ensure your dog is microchipped

In the event your tyke runs out of the house as a result of being scared of the fireworks, this safety measure will make it easier to find your four-legged friend.

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Since April 2016, it is legally required that you microchip your dog. Therefore, if you are yet to do this, we recommend you do so. And if you have, ensure that the detail is up-to-date.

7. Make your house escape-proof

Your pet won’t be able to run out of the house if your house is made escape-proof. Therefore, ensure that all windows and doors are locked. If you can, do not allow your dog access to any door that can lead it outside.

If you live with other persons, let everyone know that they must always keep those doors locked at all times. They should also be told that when such doors are opened and closed, they have to do so quickly.

8. Be calm

Yes, you also have to maintain a calm disposition. If your pet sees that you aren’t scared by the fireworks, their fear and anxiety level might decrease. Trying to be so affectionate to calm them can heighten their anxiety as they can be very perceptive to strange behavior. Instead, play with them as normally as you usually do.

9. Give your dog a chew that lasts long

Giving your canine friend a chew that it can bite on for a long time can help distract it and take its mind away from the fireworks.

10. See a veterinarian

If after trying out the tips above and your furry buddy is still afraid of fireworks, then we recommend you visit your veterinarian. The issue of dogs and fireworks is a common dog problem most veterinarians have encountered. Hence, they will have solutions that can help in calming your Fido.


During fireworks season, dogs tend to become excessively afraid and anxious. But with the tips above, you can calm your dog and make it as comfortable as possible.