Dog Meme Coins are Trendy and Cybershinu has introduced a New NFT

There’s a lot of buzz about dog meme coins these days. As a leader in the rapidly growing market, Cybershinu continues to transcend and elevate the NFT industry.

What’s up with Cybershinu?

The Cybershinu coin is an ERC-20 token. With the announcement of its new NFT, Cybershinu is optimistic about the future of the dog-token industry. The token leaders of Cybershinu have a mission to be the king of meme coins, and they’re on the way to the top. To keep the competition going, the initiative focuses on launching its meme coin and giving people from all around the world a chance to join its community.

Offering an affordable pre-launch token purchase at a set price empowers the common investor. Members of Cybershinu don’t have to be concerned about whale dumping since their investments will always be ahead of the herd. When it comes to storing your investments, Cybershinu tops the list.

Advantages of being a Cybershi

Cybershinu has several intriguing features for retail investors, among them are the following:

Pre-sale with a fixed price (WAGMI)

$CYSHI will be available to pre-sale members at a set price of USD 0.005 per $CYSHI from February 21 to March 7. Consequently, the community will be given a certain moonshot token that is guaranteed. There will be no seed/early-stage sales, and there will be no whitelists for investors. Everyone is welcome on $0.005 at the same time. To get your $CYSHI, customers will need to go to the presale website. Using this distribution strategy, Cybershinu thinks the site will be more active and expand quicker than most other community sites.

There are no hidden costs.

The business believes that consumers should be able to govern their tokens at Cybershinu to the fullest extent possible. There are no taxes on tokens because of this decision. Many other token companies demand a fee of between 5% and 15% on their coins, which mainly enriches whales while hurting the rest of the members. It is Cybershinu’s goal to make it possible for everyone to participate in a fair community.

True Decentralization: True Defi Cybershinu gives its users full authority over their coins via collaborative efforts that are truly decentralized. As token holders, they are entitled to all of the benefits of being part of a community. As a result, the firm is seeking new and creative ways for members to make additional money via the upcoming Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Pad Cybershinu

Token holders will soon be able to own a token utilizing Cybershinu’s future easy contract wizard. Members can conveniently organize their own pre-sales, similar to $CYSHI.

Tokenomics: It is possible to classify tokenomics into several major categories: DEX/CEX earns 50 percent, Staking 20 percent, Pre-Sale 20 percent, Team 5 percent, and Locked-Incentives 5 percent.

There is 5 percent of tokens kept in escrow for one year as locked incentives. A further 5% of the team’s profits will be put aside to cover marketing, unanticipated taxes, and charity donations. The pre-sale will have a restricted amount of 100B tokens. It will cost $0.0005 per Toke to buy and sell. If the Cybershinu pre-sale does not meet the 20% pre-sale goal, all leftover tokens will be burnt. After the pre-sale, 20% staking will be applied to all investors. Taking the last step couldn’t be easier. The remaining 50% will be split into 20% DEX and 30% CEX liquidity, both of which will be locked in place for the duration of the transaction.

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