Do Blue-Light Glasses Really Work?

Do Blue-Light Glasses Really Work?

Let’s be honest, any industry worth its salt has to constantly evolve and dream up new ways to sell products that may or may not serve a genuine purpose. There is a need for companies and organizations to dream up new ways to sell the goods they already make as well as coming up with new ones that are perhaps not entirely worthwhile.

When it comes to blue-light glasses, there are some cynics who feel they offer little or no benefit and others who have felt the advantages of wearing them first-hand. So, who’s in the right? 

What are Blue-Light Glasses?

Good question. Blue-light glasses use specially made lenses which are said to help filter and block the blue light that is emitted from digital screens. Given just how much time we spend in front of our mobile devices and laptops, the concept of blue-light glasses seems a solid one, and as such, they have become a very popular item.

In theory, and some say in practice, they protect your eyes from the glare coming from screens and reduce damage caused to your retina. This is particularly relevant for those who spend prolonged spells in front of their devices, which is pretty much all of us.

Do Blue-Light Glasses Actually Work?

That’s the million-dollar question. As blue-light glasses are a relatively new product, there isn’t that much evidence either way, at least not from a public medical research point of view. 

While the glasses do reduce the amount of blue light that is entering our field of vision, it’s unclear whether that amounts to actual protection to the health of your eyes. 

Users also wear blue-light glasses to help with the strain of overexposure to screens, but again it’s unclear or unproven as to the efficacy of the product as a whole.  

Sales of blue-light glasses have soared during the pandemic, probably due to the fact that many more of us have been stuck at home spending even more time in front of screens, both mobile or desktop based. 

Some sources believe that the extended periods in front of screens while wearing blue-light glasses have led to users reporting less strain on their eyes. Still, again, scientific research on this matter isn’t yet available.

There are a number of reported benefits of wearing blue-light glasses, here are just a few.

Reduced Eye-Strain

Watching screens all day and night can seriously affect your eyes, and straining your vision can be a side effect. This can lead to headaches and a general sense of weariness, and by all accounts, blue-light glasses can help with this.

Improved Sleep

We all, unwisely, like to stare at our phones for a period before we go to sleep. This can lead to a state of mental alertness that isn’t ideal for bedtime. Blue-light glasses are said to reduce that alert sensation.

Reducing the Risk of Eye Disease

This is perhaps the most contentious of benefits that blue-light glasses are apparently capable of achieving. Harmful blue light can damage your retina and lead to macular degeneration. 

This can lead to blindness, among other issues, and those advocating for the blue-light glasses industry claim their product reduces this issue.

Can I Buy Blue-Light Glasses Online?

Yes, you can. Indeed, most popular brands that sell glasses online have seen sales of blue-light glasses go through the roof since early 2020. The sales have been so high that you can now see blue-light glasses offered in the discount glasses section of some online retailers. 

Buying blue-light glasses online is as easy and comfortable as getting any other glasses via the internet. The whole process of purchasing glasses via the web has been effectively streamlined over the past few years, making the process painless and straightforward. This is similarly the case for blue-light glasses.

You should be aware that blue-light glasses are sometimes referred to as computer glasses, and if you wear prescription lenses, then you’d require the same level of prescription as you would for ‘normal’ glasses.

Blue-light glasses can be paired with most frame types, depending on the retailer you shop with, and they don’t cost an exorbitant amount. Buying blue-light glasses online is simple and effective, so why not give them a go and try them for yourself. 

What Should I Be Looking for When Buying Blue-Light Glasses?

Essentially the process you adopt for buying blue-light glasses will be the same as that which you adopt for buying all your glasses. So that means you should take into account the frames you feel suit you best, perhaps ones that work ideally for your face shape and of course those which are to your liking in terms of style and fashion aesthetics. 

Initially, blue-light glasses, bizarrely, used yellow lenses and were considered the epitome of ‘uncool.’ Fortunately, the industry has come a long way in a relatively short period of time, and you can get blue-light glasses in a number of styles and types. There are also ways to test your blue light blocking glasses as well.

So Should You Buy a Pair of Blue-Light Glasses?

If you spend extended periods in front of screens, then it may well be worth giving blue-light glasses a try. This is especially the case for those who suffer from some of the issues listed earlier. 

While the medical research on this matter is ongoing, with no clear-cut evidence on their benefits forthcoming, the fact that blue-light glasses can be purchased for relatively inexpensive sums makes it worth trying out for yourself.