Disunity, polarisation pushing Ghana to the verge of collapse.

Thousands of commentators on National matters do so out of emotions, party and tribal affiliations not the collective interest of the Nation Ghana.
The level of disunity, polarisation, hate for our own country, partisan sycophantism are immeasurable. And the above is killing the soul of this hitherto a beauty prosperous country.

The President of Ghana, the soul and embodiment of this land, recently took part in a debate in Ghana dubbed women deliver.

His Excellency has straight in his thoughts. He nailed it right on how the posturing of certain women don’t make them reach certain decision making tables.

His use of dynamism I believe we’re misconstrued by fifth columns of this Nation.

I must state here I got angry seeing the President on that platform. I felt his handlers could do better by protecting the dignity of entire Nation by not given Mr President out per just any invitation.

Those who always see with one eye obviously saw with one eye.

They focused on a statement ( true though) by the President and as usual took to the path to humiliate our President.
This entire Nation, from all walks of life couldn’t see the very things that went wrong, humiliated our President and for that matter Ghana.

The Constitution of Ghana is explicitly clear. The sovereignty resides in the people of Ghana.
This means the President isn’t an individual. He is Ghana. He represents the about 30 million population. Anyone or group that believe to be Ghanaian must at all times defend the President (Ghana) unconditionally when it comes to external issues.

We can always disagree, criticise or critique anything the President does internally.

I have been wondering for days now how Ghanaians didn’t see or refused to see how that Alaa Murabit girl, the so called feminist disrespected Mr President and for that matter the entire Nation.

Did anyone see the heckling of Mr President by that girl ?
Did anyone see how the Murabit girl disrespectfully touched our President?
Did anyone hear that girl say she will invite the President to dinner ? Can anyone make some meaning of what he meant ?

If the people of this country were serious, united and love this Nation we would have taken that girl to the cleaners, called her to apologise, to send a signal out there that we believe in ourselves and can not be taken for granted.

Why won’t the Chinese come destroy our environment and go free ? Why won’t the Labanese maltreat Ghanaian workers as slaves ?
Why won’t Nigerians come here to engage in all sorts of crimes ?

It’s sad how we claim to be Ghanaians yet hate ourselves so much.

By Prince Osei Tutu.
Breakfast show host – Kingdom 107.7fm in Accra.
Social media handles @ Tutu Faculty.