Discover the best of Maldives with Thrillophilia: Maldives Tours at Whopping 50% Off

Discover the best of Maldives with Thrillophilia: Maldives Tours at Whopping 50% Off

After the ease in lockdown and a decrease in Covid’19 cases, Maldives became the most favourite vacation spot for all travellers, especially Indians.

Indians visiting Maldives can get visa-on-arrival and being covid vaccinated is not obligatory. Tourists, visiting Maldives including kids, will only be needing a negative RT-PCR test to avail their visa on arrival. This flexibility in the overall process and also the ease in restrictions is now encouraging more and more Indians to visit Maldives.

So, with the massive amount of Maldives tour packages available on the internet, searching the best tour can be a hectic task. Hence, to sort all your travel needs and give you the best Maldives deals, Thrillophilia has curated Maldives tours that will make your vacation planning completely stress free. From huge discounts to maximum inclusions, these packages are going to make your vacation quite affordable.

Choose from the wide range of packages available at Thrillophilia starting from budget friendly to luxury experiences and family tours to exclusive honeymoon packages. That’s not all. Thrillophilia also offers all inclusive packages to Maldives. Each tour differs from the other and you even have the option of customization. Few top deals include:

All inclusive packages:  These packages are for those travellers who want a well curated tour package that takes care of their entire trip. From transfers to meals, accommodation to activities and all other recreational activities are included in the package.

Luxury packages- Resorts and water villas: Maldives is a hub of resorts and water villas and each island has its own beautiful seating. So, if you are looking for a luxury stay that will offer you a trip that is class apart then you can choose from the wide range of luxury resort deals.  Even though the packages offer the most luxurious stays, the prices are still the lowest.

Honeymoon packages: Maldives is the most renowned romantic destination all over the world. When you choose to book your honeymoon with Thrillophilia, you can expect to have the best experience. Other than providing your stay at the most luxurious resort they offer additional romantic recreational activities and experiences.

Packages from Indian cities:

Thrillophilia also offers wide tour packages curated just to suit the needs of travellers. Indians travelling from various Indian cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore etc can book exclusive packages that will sort all their travel plans. These packages are great to keep in check of your Maldives budget.

Why should you book Maldives packages Thrillophilia?

Not only in terms of discounts, offers or inclusions, the packages offered by Thrillophilia are great for several other reasons. Thrillophilia is renowned for its great customer service, budget friendly deals, and excellent on ground support and this makes it stand out of the crowd.

Features that makes Thrillophilia stand out:

  • Best Prices in the market: Thrillophilia offer “best price guaranteed” in the market and assure maximum inclusions in that price. Maldives is often taken as an expensive destination but Thrillophilia is proving it otherwise by offering something of every type of traveller.
  • Talk to the destination expert: Offering customers a feature with which they can talk to the destination experts before booking the packages, is a great way to ensure that customers know what they are going to get. The experts will advise you what you can choose in terms of price, accommodation options, activities and various other add ons.
  • 24 hours assistance and on ground support: Solving all customer queries within a short period of time and guiding them on what they need is a feature Thrillophilia offers. Their customer delight team assure that you don’t face any issue and even if you do, you are provided with the best possible solution to your problem.
  • Adventure activities: Thrillophilia is known all over for the adventure activities they offer and that is another reason why you should consider booking with them. Choose from a wide range of adventure activities including thrilling water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, jet skiing when booking your Maldives packages.