Are you getting the most from your businesses digital marketing strategy? Check out our guide for the top instagram marketing tips to boost your business today.

Digital Marketing 101: The Top 7 Instagram Marketing Tips

About a billion people have an account on Instagram. That means if your business isn’t using it as a marketing tool, you’re missing out.

You can gain the attention of a lot of potential customers by reaching out to them via social media. By making regular posts, you’ll lead them to your website.

Well, you’ll lead them to your site if you follow the Instagram marketing tips that we have for you. If you don’t have a business page or have a boring profile, it’s not going to do you much good.

Check out this guide to learn everything you need to know about how to use your social media account to your advantage.

  1. Trade Up to a Business Profile

Before you do anything else, you need to trade up to an Instagram business profile. Getting started is too simple for you not to do it. All you have to do is click on the little gear in the corner of your screen and select “Switch to Business Profile.”

As soon as you make the switch, your followers will be able to get in contact with you via your Instagram page. You’ll get to create and launch ads.

Most important of all, you’ll have access to analytic tools. When you launch a marketing campaign, the analytics will show you how much attention it’s getting. You can use the numbers to make changes to your strategy to make it more successful.

  1. Polish Your Profile

After you switch to a business profile, it’s time to polish it up. Viewers will judge a book by its cover. If your profile is barebones, you’re not going to get that much attention.

You’ve only got about 150 characters to describe your company in the bio section. Keep things brief and watch what you say.

If you add a shop button to your profile, your customers will be able to add your products to their cart right from your page. They’ll remember that convenience.

You can also put links in your profile that will lead your followers to your website. Don’t forget to use well-placed industry-specific hashtags on your page as well.

  1. Use Marketing Tools to Your Advantage

Your business profile comes with a lot of free tools that can help you accomplish successful Instagram marketing. You’ll get a breakdown of your target audience’s demographics. This tool will display their ages, active hours, location, and gender.

You can also see information on your posts of the week. The numbers will show you which posts got the most attention. They’ll also show you which posts weren’t so successful.

By seeing what your followers interact with the most, you can make sure to create more engaging content that they like and improve on marketing campaigns that weren’t too popular.

  1. Sponsored Ads

Do you not have much money in your budget for your Instagram marketing ideas? That’s okay. You can choose how much you spend with sponsored ads.

You can invest in a single ad or pour your money into a couple. Either way, it will help you reach out to anyone in your customer demographic instead of only sticking to your followers.

You don’t have to make a new sponsored ad. You can transform your popular posts into them.

So, keep an eye on those numbers. That way, you know which ones you should give the special treatment to.

  1. Team Up With an Influencer

You might not have a lot of followers, but another person does. That’s what makes reaching out to an influencer one of the best Instagram marketing ideas.

Essentially, you’re making a deal with someone with a lot of pull. If they agree to the partnership, you’ll send them your product so they can make posts showing themselves using it.

If the influencer’s followers like what they see, they may head to your page and see what you’re all about. The problem is that if you’re working on a budget, you may not be able to afford the influencer’s rates.

Getting a single sponsored ad with them can run you a pretty penny. You’d almost be better off getting Instagram likes apps for Android.

  1. Use Your Hashtags the Right Way

When someone looks up something they need, Instagram uses hashtags to find what the user is looking for. If you want your products to pop up, you’ll need to use careful and relevant hashtags.

We’ll show you what we mean with an example. Let’s say that you own a sandwich shop and you want to show off your lunch specials. You wouldn’t use #sandwhich or #lunch because of how vague that is.

You’ll have way too much competition if you use something that basic. You need to get more specific by using things like #meatball sub.

  1. Do Giveaways and Competitions

There’s one thing that’s true no matter who your target audience is. People like free stuff. Giveaways and competitions are popular, and they’re easy to get going.

All you have to do is ask your followers to do something simple like comment on a post and tag three friends. That could net you more followers and get your products in the hands of your customers at the same time.

Instagram Marketing Tips That Will Help You Succeed

With the number of people that use Instagram every day, you can’t afford to not have a business page on the site. You’ll need to go a little beyond having a page and creating posts, though.

Use these Instagram marketing tips to pull your company ahead, and for more advice that will help you keep your doors open, visit the Business & Finance section of our blog.