Different Areas in Which an Entertainment Attorney Can Practice

Different Areas in Which an Entertainment Attorney Can Practice

An entertainment lawyer’s primary role is to examine and negotiate deals and agreements as they relate to the entertainment industry. They are professionals who provide advice to their clients, as well as draft contracts to facilitate their client’s business deals. An entertainment lawyer generally focuses their practice on legal aspects of the creative industry.

It is better to hire an entertainment attorney to review the specific terms & conditions before entering the entertainment career. Even the contracts that seem they have the best interests of artists might include a couple of unfavorable conditions.

In case you are a writer, producer, director, or someone else working in the entertainment field, a media lawyer can be useful to protect intellectual properties. The following are the different spheres where an entertainment barrister can practice.

Film and Television

The attorneys offer legal counsel for clientele on a range of deals throughout this film & television industry. The lawyers offer value-added legal solutions by combining through and in-depth insights into making deals, negotiating contracts, and legal considerations with the business of the customers. The legal services include:

  • Legal film & television production services from investor financing, company formation, and pre-production via distribution and production
  • Content distribution and licensing services like theatrical, streaming video, and television
  • Agreements for on-screen talents and actors in connection with television and films; and more


A lawyer’s music practices encompass his legal guidance in the music business and other significant aspects. The legal practice for a music lawyer combines strategic and commercial savvy besides legal experiences to protect and promote the interest of the customers. The following the different legal services offered by lawyers in the music area:

  • Publishing and recording agreements
  • Producing and Side artist agreements
  • Touring, merchandising, & appearance agreements

 Talent Representation

A legal associate in this practicing area represents in television, motion pictures, podcast, news, fashion, theater, and other music industries. A lawyer offers legal consultations of creative talents to strategize, negotiate, and evaluate the forms of agreements. The legal support in this field range from the network to even independent project works!

Talent Representation

Book Publishing

For book publishing cases, a lawyer negotiates, drafts, and even reviews the publishing agreements. The legal professional represents the publishing companies, writers, or authors. The legal associate can work for ancillary rights agreements for locking in the innovative revenue streams such as:

  • Book-To-Movie
  • Book-To-Video
  • Book-To-Audio
  • Book-To-Game
  • Licensing And Other Merchandising Opportunities

Intellectual Property

An entertainment lawyer can also work with low-tier businesses. The lawyers can assist professionals in start-ups and other brands. They also work with entrepreneurs and other companies in the same area of intellectual property.

These solicitors represent clients in the formation, protection of the trademarks, and copyrights, besides acquisition. They also help in negotiation, enforcement, and documentation of licensing, distributing, and manufacturing agreements.

Corporate Counsel

A corporate entertainment lawyer works for a wide range of legal scenarios. Corporate legal services deliver legal solutions for business growth and development. In this field, the lawyers develop their personal experience, expertise, and skills required for unique requirements. They work on problems concerning entrepreneurial as well as changing businesses, including start-ups.

 Social Media, Branding, and Licensing

The lawyers shall work with the media influencers and brands around the digital platforms, with one focus on assisting the clients. That said, it helps in maximizing business opportunities. The professionals also negotiate social media sponsorship deals, paid campaigns, and branded content transactions.

The lawyers have years of experience in trademark, copyright, brand, software, and celebrity merchandising & licensing. The professionals structure and build ventures for the customers to seek and exploit names, images, and likeness.

In fact, these lawyers also offer critical guidance to the clients and ensure their social media uses get conformed with legal precedent and regulations governing fields of advertising, marketing, intellectual property, employer-and-employee relations, and corporate governance.

 The Bottom Line;

The starting point of searching for an entertainment lawyer is to ensure that you understand the goals. The best method to find a lawyer is via referrals from entertainers. It is even also to interview and hire an entertainment lawyer through the online directory. An Entertainment Lawyer Los Angeles trusts can take up your case and offer a legal solution.