Dice Gambling Games You Should Try

Dice Gambling Games You Should Try

Dice games may not be the most popular, but they are equally exciting and lucrative, too. These games rely on the use of six-sided dice and players will bet on the outcome of the throw. The use of dice originated in ancient China and was originally used for fortune-telling. But later, this was used for different games of chance making the dice the first-ever equipment used for gambling.

Today, dice games are widely played, and they come in different forms with exciting rules. You can now play the most exciting real money dice games on top mobile casino sites. This article will help you learn more about the most popular variants and choose what dice game is best for you.


This is arguably the most popular dice game variant to play in mobile casinos. Developed in the United States, this game lets you bet on the outcome of the roll of two dice. Initially, this game was played on the streets after the war. But soon, many casinos in Las Vegas adopted the game, and became one of the most colorful casino games on the floor. Craps is played in rounds and the players (or shooters) place bets on the table. Your win or loss in this game is determined by the result of the shooter’s roll. If you will play this in a physical casino, you can become the shooter.

As the shooter, you need to place a ‘Pass’ or ‘Don’t Pass’ bet. Some of the popular bets to play in craps are Place Bet, Field Bet, Pass Bet, Don’t Pass Bet, and the Come Bet. The rules in craps may appear complicated but if you understand the game and learn the lingo, you’ll discover a loud yet exciting casino game. Also, craps is a well-loved game thanks to its low house edge at roughly 1.41%.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is another popular dice game that is widely available in many casinos. Its name means ‘dice pair’ in Chinese and the game is played using wooden blocks like Mahjong pieces. Since the game’s design has a Chinese influence, this game is widely played in Macau and other Asian countries. In Sic Bo, you will find three dice and a betting table that features the different types of bets to play, their odds, and expected payouts. If you are a beginner, you will love this layout since the betting information is already presented on the table. However, the payouts may vary from casino to casino.

The game is based on probabilities, and you need to wager on the combinations that will appear on the dice. Some of the popular Sic Bo bets to play are One Number, Specific Double, and Specific Triple. In One Number, you win if your selected number appears in any of the three dice. For Double and Triple, you collect a payout if the rolls show specific doubles or triples respectively. Sic Bo is fun and highly recommended if you’re looking for easy-to-understand bets.

Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin Dice is another casino game that’s getting into fashion lately. Yes, this dice game uses Bitcoin technology in delivering random outcomes to players. This game does not use the standard dice or even digital dice during gameplay. Instead, Bitcoin Dice relies on the Random Number Generator to come up with a random range of numbers. Players will bet on a range of numbers that will appear in the game. For example, you can bet anything from 1 to 20,000 or more. In some variants of the game, you simply pick a number between 1 to 100 and wagers whether the roll will result in a value that’s lower or higher than your selected number.

This is another fun addition to the growing number of dice games that you can play in top casinos. However, they are not as thrilling compared to the actual dice that are rolled on a table to generate random results.

Start playing dice games today!

Aside from these three popular games, there are a few more dice games that are worth trying. For example, you can check out Banka Francesca, Klondike, and Simplified Craps that are also available in a mobile casino. Whatever dice game you select, make sure to learn first the rules or play it in the free demo. Whenever possible, always look for mobile casinos that offer lucrative bonuses and promotions which you can use to play your favorite dice game!