Democrats haven't done a thing to better America - Sean Hannity

Democrats have done nothing for America except try to ‘hurt’ Trump – Hannity

Sean Hannity went after Democrats ahead of Wednesday’s impeachment inquiry public hearings, accusing the party of being so focused on President Trump they’ve done nothing to help the American people during his presidency.

“This is what your Democratic Socialist Party has become. This is who they are. This is what defines them, frankly, perfectly,” Hannity said on his television program. “Now, remember, tomorrow, there is not one single thing that Democrats have done. Not one the past three years. Not a single thing they have done, except to try to hurt Donald Trump and we the people that support him.”

House Democrats are set to host the first public hearing involving the potential impeachment of a president since November 19, 1998.

Behind the scenes, House Democrats were predicting a “phenomenal week,” Fox News is told. At the same time, Republicans have been preparing a methodical and vigorous cross-examination of Democrats’ witnesses, whose accounts of President Trump’s alleged wrongdoing have been based largely on hearsay and intuition.

Hannity accused Democrats of doing nothing to better the economy or keep the country “safe and secure.”

“They have not lifted one finger for a better economy to create any jobs or improve the lives of you, we, the American people,” Hannity said. “They have done absolutely nothing to make this country safe and secure.”

“Instead, they have spent the last thirty four months slanders, smears, disparagement of the president with one coordinated political hit job after another,” Hannity added.