Data Science has become an important facet of the current digital age and with growing advancement in technologies, its detailed study is imperative. Thus, in this article we have planned to give the readers an overall overview on Data Science, its history and evolution and the latest addition made to this field.

But to start, it is first critical to know what actually Data Science is, so let us begin with this informative article on Data Science Overview:

What is Data Science?

Data science is an interdisciplinary field which makes use of scientific inference and mathematics algorithms, methods, processes, and systems to prepare data for analysis, such as aggregating, cleansing, and manipulating of data in order to perform advanced analysis. Data scientists and analytic applications then can review the results out of it to uncover the hidden patterns so that the business leaders are enabled to draw informed insights into structured and unstructured data. The obtained data is thus used by applying the informed insights across a broad range of application domain.

As the name suggests, the most significant component of Data Science is the “Data” itself. It is a fact that no amount of mathematical computation can draw meaningful insights from improper data.

Basically, data Science can be said to be a combination of statistical mathematics algorithms, computer science, data analysis and visualization, machine learning, and domain knowledge. It includes different types of data, such as image data, text data, time-dependent data, video data, etc.

I.  History of Data Science

The term “Data Science” can be seen to have been used in a range of contexts since the past 30-years, but it’s only recently that it has internationally became established and recognized. In 2012, the term became a lingo in common parlance when Harvard Business Review named Data Science as “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”.

II. Origin of the Concept

The term Data Science was coined for the first time by William S. Cleveland in 2001. However, it is uncertain as to when and where the concept of Data Science was originally developed. Shortly after the term was coined many reputed University and Business organizations kick started its journey and the continuously increased in technology advancement just added to its growing popularity, leading it to be the fastest and cheapest computation system of data in the world.

III. Recent Additions to the Field of Data Science

Since the onset of the concept of Data Science, this field has been expending exponentially and with the time as more and more advanced technologies are bring brought into the field, it has led to various recent additions. Some of the recent additions made to the Data Science field are outlined below:

Artificial Intelligence: One of the core elements to Field of Data science is Machine and along with it, Deep Learning has also been the latest addition to it, because of the increased parallel compute capabilities.

Smart Apps or Intelligent Systems: The advancement of more data-drive intelligent apps which are built around machine learning and also their portable form accessibility has made it a large part of Data Science.

Edge Computing: This is a recently developed concept which relates to IoT (Internet of Things). Basically Edge computing puts Data Science information analysis and delivery closer to the source of information.

Security: Security, being the major challenge in Digital space, few technologies are developed which apply techniques of Data Science to protect digital system from Malware and hacking

IV. Final Remarks

Data Science is an ever accelerating multidisciplinary field which is expected to boom more with demand in the foreseeable future.  Though it is somewhat exaggerated field of science, most of the part of its promising future is true in terms of delivery of solution as per rising future demands.

Since the field is so intricately popular, career in Data Science is the most promising jobs you will see today and as will be in near future. To enhance your career in Data Science, take the required training course because this is the time to be a Data Scientist and seize dream job opportunity at your desired organization.