D Black offers a reward of $300 to anyone who is able to give Dr. Fordjour multiple slaps

The CEO of Black Avenue Music, Desmond Blackmore, has offered to reward anyone who will do him a favour by slapping ‘Dr.’ Kwame Owusu Fodjuor who few days ago, distributed some fake UN awards to selected individuals and organizations in Ghana including himself.

According to him, He will give anyone $300 if they are able to video slapping Dr fordjour 3 times for giving him a fake Award.

Reacting to a video of the Dr mocking him, he wrote: I beg if anyone see am for town I beg drop 3 or more hot slaps for am , and then when e ask why , do ur face so and shout yieeeeeeee. I promise $100 per slap. Film am as evidence