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Custom Guns: What Makes Them a Great Shot at Glory?

About 23 million guns were purchased in 2020. Interest in firearms surged to quite the high, and shows no signs of stopping. Whether the users show interest in hunting or target shooting, guns have definitely captured the public imagination.

Gun users turn their weapons into custom firearms to provide better performance or express themselves. A pearl handle makes a clear visual statement, and the right sight improves performance at the range. Some order guns customized from the ground up to their standards.

Interested in custom guns? Keep reading and we’ll tell you all about them.

Performance Advantages of Custom Guns

If you’re looking for performance, custom gun designs can take your shooting to the next level. Custom gun makers like Cooper Firearms take the guesswork and research out of finding the right gun for your use case. If you know you’re going to be using the gun for varminting, you can specify that while ordering and see only those options.

Custom firearm designs also tend to come with higher quality parts than their counterparts from the assembly line. This does add a price premium, but you’re less likely to encounter a wonky trigger or a jam-prone firing mechanism. Custom guns can occasionally face defects, but even then, the gunsmith will likely prove eager to correct those defects.

Aesthetic Benefits of Custom Guns

Just as often, though, gun owners look to customization to add a visual flourish rather than a competitive edge. Ivory-handled revolvers, engraved stocks, and other aesthetic customizations have been part of the gun landscape for a long time indeed.

A gun with a custom look makes a clear statement. People get creative with their guns, doing everything from classic-looking finishes to wild pink creations.

These looks don’t have to be obtrusive, either. Sometimes you just add a personal logo or initials to the grip.

Potential Complications

It’s tempting to look at all these advantages of custom guns and go out to buy one right away. You should take the time to consider some of the issues with custom guns, though.

Lead times on gun customization projects tend to run long. Due to the combination of licensing issues and work involved, it can take one to two years to actually receive a custom-built firearm. Even smaller customizations take a lot of time and effort.

Customization adds expense, too. A typical hunting rifle retails for about $700, while custom guns start around $2400 and more commonly reach prices close to $4000. These projects aren’t for the faint of heart… or the light of wallet.

Think About It

If you find yourself more interested in custom guns than you were when you started reading this article, great! Take a while to consider what you plan to use them for and think about the types of customizations that would support that.

Make sure to stay realistic about your expectations, though. Don’t expect to have the gun of your dreams in a month, and be sure to treat your gunsmiths with the respect they deserve.