Tutu Faculty

“Culture of sexual harassment” – Tutu Faculty writes

The latest BBC investigative work ‘exposing’ sexual demands by some lecturers reminds me of the Gospel of John 8:3-10.Verse 7 of chapter 8 states; So when they continued asking him ( Christ Jesus), he lifted himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.  This is the story of the adulterous woman brought to Jesus by the Pharisees.

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The quotation above is not in any way to justify or defend anything or anyone in the ongoing matter but to point to the fact that virtually all of us are guilty of this crime one way or the other.

I believe if our mothers, sisters, aunties, wives, and girlfriends are given the chance to tell their stories, mention names, many men this society hold in high esteem plus those of us the downtrodden will go down the pit of shame.

Per my job as a Journalist, I have heard more horrendous stories of men demanding sexual favors from women to help them in one way or another.

How many teachers/lecturers of all cycles of education haven’t made sexual demands?

How many media people haven’t asked for sexual favors from interns, colleagues looking for jobs?

How many medical doctors and nurses haven’t made such advances?

How many Pastors of all levels haven’t made such advances?

Politicians? Businessmen? Drivers? Security officers?

How many of us are without the sin of sexual harassment?

To sum up, this society like others is rotten to the core.

Morality is virtually nonexistent.

Today stories abound where some women demand sexual favors from fellow women. Some so-called big women compete with men over women. Men also demanding the same from fellow men.

Question is how did we get to this lowly levels as a society? A holistic approach to dealing with this barbaric behavior is urgently needed to cleanse this system.

We are going down the drain by the second which needs a rescue.

I don’t take pleasure in others misfortune, which is to say I will not be happy because it has happened to others BUT we need to sit up as human race and reverse the despicable trend.

This act of demanding sexual favors has eroded others of their potentials, caused much unbearable pain, caused psychological problems and probably deaths.

Let’s, men and women fight it together.