Cricket Betting Online – A Look at the Legality of Betting on Cricket in India

Cricket Betting Online – A Look at the Legality of Betting on Cricket in India

Gambling in India, whether that is on sports such as cricket or a casino game, is a complex topic thanks to the strict regulations and rules that are in place across the various different states. Due to the 1867 Public Gambling Act, running a gambling establishment in India is illegal. Therefore, many assume that sports betting is also illegal, but this is a bit of a grey matter. Indian law differentiates sports gambling from other types of gambling since there is some skill involved instead of just pure chance. This article will explore cricket betting legalities in great depth and shed some light on a misunderstood topic.

Gambling Across India

Whether gambling is illegal is something that varies depending on what state you are in, but there is a clear distinction between luck-based gambling and skill-based gambling.

The latter is, to put it simply, driven by a player’s physical or mental expertise and not them just relying on all the star aligning for them. This is not to say that skill games do not have any elements of luck because they certainly do. It is just that a person’s individual skill plays a bigger role in determining whether they will be successful or not. On the other hand, a game of chance is one that is determined by a randomized factor such as the roll of a dice. Games of chance can include a bit of skill, but you mostly need luck to win them.

In India, games of chance are mostly outlawed, although, for some strange reason, there are some lotteries that are permitted in India. If the lottery is not a game of chance, then we do not know what is. As we said above, the rules and regulations regarding gambling in India are very much a grey matter. If you were to sit there and try to make complete sense of it, you would be sitting there all day and the next.

Anyone that is caught doing illegal gambling in India faces a fine as can even spend some time in prison. Therefore, it is a smart idea to be cautious and ensure that you are not breaking any laws before you start to gamble in India.

Where Can You Bet on Sports in India?

As we said above, gambling laws vary across India, with each state having their own set of rules. For Example, in Sikkim you will find a land-based casino and a few state lotteries. This is also the case in places such as Daman and Goa. However, since cricket is the most popular sport in India, many will wonder where they stand when it comes to legality issues. Well, the simple answer to anyone that wants to bet on cricket online within India is to make use of sports betting sites.

Sports betting, for the most part, is illegal in India, but there is absolutely nothing stopping Indians from making use of online sports betting sites to place their bets on cricket. This is a bit of a loophole for cricket fans as there are no legal brick-and-mortar bookmakers to bet at.

The reason why placing bets at online sportsbooks that accept Indian players is allowed is all because of the location of the betting site. These bookies are able to get around the gambling laws of India by being based abroad, and therefore not having to adhere by any restrictions. It is not legal for online sportsbooks and casinos to operate from within India, but this does not apply to foreign establishments. Therefore, Indian citizens that love to bet on cricket and any other sport do not have to worry that they are breaking the law.

As a result of this loophole, betting on sports in India is something that has exploded in the last few years. Many Indian residents know that they can sign up with a foreign sportsbook and bet freely without having to worry about being fined or sent to prison. Also, many sportsbooks are realizing how much money there is to be had from the Indian gambling sector, so more and more are accepting Indians. Additionally, more bookies are now accepting rupees as one of their currencies, which is great for Indians as it means that they are not subjected to the high conversion fees that can occur when converting rupees into another currency.

The Government Is Missing a Trick

The government are really missing a trick by not regulating the Indian gambling scene and basically outlawing it instead. There are many reasons to regulate the online gambling market in India, but one of the main reasons is that it will lead to a higher tax revenue. So many people in Indian bet on cricket that if the market were to be opened and formalized, the tax revenues would be enormous. This increase in taxes could then be used to improve infrastructure and give poor children an education. Another reason why they should consider regulating the gambling scene is that there are many unemployed people throughout India and regulating the Indian gambling scene is something that could lead to an increase in employment. Betting operators require a lot of personal in order to run and interact with customers.

There are plenty of reasons why regulating the gambling scene across India would be a wise move from the Indian government, but they have not grasped this fact yet. We are pretty sure that they will do so in the near future.