Credit to Frank Lampard Flying Chelsea side is ahead of schedule

Credit to Frank Lampard Flying Chelsea side is ahead of schedule

Changing half of your first eleven in a single transfer window mostly does more harm than good to the team at first, much has not been talking of Lampard’s ability, to take players coming from Germany, France, Holland, and England, players with different football tradition, different languages, different personalities, all that together then within a short period of time it seems like they’ve been playing together for years. They are ahead of schedule and credits to Frank Lampard,

I feel that isn’t been spoken enough about.

“We cannot just change overnight and say, ‘So now we want to behave like Chelsea’. They are signing a lot of players. That can be an advantage but that means they have to fit together pretty quickly.

“You cannot bring in the 11 best players and hope a week later they play the best football ever. It’s about working together on the training ground.” Klopp Even said it has an advantage to them when both teams met earlier in the season in which the reds beat ten Man blues two goals to nil at the bridge.

But Lampard has done that even if the first few games didn’t go well, they’re on 14 matches unbeaten streak since their last loss against Liverpool at the bridge.

Confidence is high, the players keep understanding each other and getting better every other match and the manager isn’t getting enough credit for that because he spent close to £210 million, forgetting that anybody can buy players but it’s how you use them, how they gel together, the results you want to see, can you make them believe in your tactics?

Your ideas? Can you make them hungry to win and play for the club? All of this Frank Lampard is achieving this within a short period of time which clearly shows the team is ahead of schedule and they can only get better from now on.

Much has been made of him preferential treatment because he’s a legend or his inexpensive managerial career, but so far Frank Lampard is proving he’s there on merit and not because of any legendary status.

Opponents should start worrying about this Chelsea team, they’re trying to know each other, they’re gelling together, and when they finally do they are going to be tearing teams apart.