Construction of led recessed light


A recessed light is also known as down light and pot light, sometimes it is also known as can light  these lighting fixtures  are  submerged and implanted in the  vault and ooze light

led recessed light is used for centralizing and  concentrating light in downward and descending direction

Construction of led recessed light

Rescessed light fixtures based on three components that are

  1. housing
  2. trim
  3. bulb


it  is fixtures itself that lodged and located inside the vault and it has a specific holder to detain the lamp


bulbs in led lights are of various types these are inserted into fixtures along with this propportion of heat generated by bulbs are of distinctive concentration


trim is a observable part of the light they are designed to reduce glare and glaze .they produce softer glow and help in reducing eye burden

Types of housing

There are four types of housing

  1. ic or insultation contact
  2. non-ic rated
  3. ic rated re model housing
  4. non-ic rated remodel housing


led recessed lighting are both used in residential and commercial use such as in living room , dining room, basement, bedroom, corridors  lawn,kitchen etc . and for commercial use they can be used in offices, hospitals. surgery room,  garages,meeting room, malls, warehouses, parking area, and so on

5 things to know about led recessed lighting

Color temperature matters –they usually produce soft yellow light but these leds are capable of producing color in much wider range

The second thing to know is work better with dimmers

Taking the Kelvin range into consideration many people feel that their LED can lights are just a little bit too bright it’s really just a byproduct of how the light is being produced inside the bulb, for this reason we believe that LED lights should typically be installed on dimmer switches

Number 3rd is spacing is important

Led lights are meant to be used in quantity, a single candle light really has the power to illuminate a whole room instead multiple lights work.

Fourth thing to keep in mind is incredible mobility, they should be way more mobile

Fifth thing to be kept in mind is gadget galore.


The stainless steel downlights are used widely and give high benefits, they are prepared on the basis of specific traditional downlights by using new efficient LED lighting as a primary source. These lights can be installed in places to have a overall uniform and perfect architecture and decorating design without the destruction of the settings of light sources and already presented lamps etc. These lights enhance the beauty of objects and items, at many places they are used to create and develop a very asthetic and professionally aligned environment. In addition to these above advantage, following are some of the cool benefits of these lights.

Energy saving

We always look for the light which gives us surety to save energy by consuming less amount of energy. The power consumption by these can or downlights are pretty less almost half in quantity from those normal power saving lights. They emit out same amount of brightness and light as them but in less power consumption and in this way they saved electricity and ultimately reduces the emissions of carbon.

Environmental protection

These led lights unlike other energy saver bulbs does not contain any substances that might pollute the environment.

Other bulbs do contain toxic and harmful substances i.e. mercury and pollute out the environment

Save money

These led lights are quite reasonable and super low on pockets, plus as mentioned above that they have low power consumption that means that they require less amount of electricity to work which ultimately results in less amount of bill by saving the electricity


We all look for the lights that are long lasting and stay working or functional for long period of time, usually these led lights have a specified lifespan of 50,000 hours which is white huge in number and pretty impressive

According to these above mentioned hours and if 6 hours per day is took under consideration these led lights can last upto 20 years. Isn’t that amazing.

How to choose Recessed LED lighting?

Confused that how to select the perfect led lighting? Here you go with a pretty simple guide!!

So these lights are available in various sizes mostly 4 inches and 6 inches, on the other hand it have different colors option to for example 5000k and 3000k etc differentiated for day and night lighting. LEPRO LED serves you up with different models along with specifications you may select the best one for you according to you needs

For more details and models you may visit this link