Coco Austin draws mixed criticism after sharing pic breastfeeding daughter

Coco Austin is sharing her parenting journey with the world.

Austin, 40, Chanel’s welcomed daughter, 4, 2015 with Ice-T boyfriend, 61. The well known mother with her family Instagram is known for being open to motherhood, and Friday was no different.

A mother posted a photo of the breastfeeding of her four-year-old daughter. In the snap, Chanel looks to her mother as Austin’s right side is lying on her chest. Although some of its 3 million followers criticised the model’s message, Austin said she was not at all bothered by it.

“At a time when the world feels like its coming to an end.. suck up as much love as you can!I” Austin captioned the photo, seemingly calling attention to the current coronavirus pandemic. “I know the moms out there will appreciate this pic! Ive been getting alot of props in the breasfeeding community and get tons of emails from woman/moms appreciating me bringing light to the subject.”

“I write a baby blog about my journey with Chanel and soon I will write about what it’s like to continue boob time with a 4 year old.. I get tons and tons of requests that want me to speak on it! At this point in nursing its just for comfort and believe me the girl loves meat so its not like she isnt eating real food…?”

Ice-T’s wife also thanked all of the fellow moms out there who are “eager” to see and hear about her journey.

“Us moms are connected,” she added.

Actress Selma Blair rallied behind Austin, commenting, “I love this. Lucky girl.”

Another one of Austin’s followers also supported Austin’s breastfeeding choices despite some critics in the comments section calling it “insane” to breastfeed a four-year-old.

“Yessss it’s tough too nurse that long,” wrote the fan. “I did til age 3 with my first born.”

Several Instagram users questioned Austin about the act, with one wondering if she often gets glares from others when doing so.

“No because I don’t do it in their face,” Austin replied.

The glad mother even responded with pride to the nayers. When a fan found breastfeeding an “disturbing” four-year-old and asked if Chanel “still wears diapers too,” the popular mom responded honestly, “No she’s been pottied (sic) trained since 2 years old.” She defended herself last October after fans shot her down on Instagram for sharing sexy shots.

“I hate seeing comments that say you cant be sexy after having children.. who says?” she asked.

“And yes,I dont have has much time as I used too before Chanel but I can still pick my moments .. I will always and forever be Coco.. no matter what, I still rock as a wife and a mother!!! ??? You hear me?”

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