CHECK OUT: Government To Reopen Schools Depite Coronavirus Outbreak

Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Ambassador Cain Mathema has announced that schools will reopen mid-next month after a three-month-long break due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking to state media on Saturday, the minister said that: ‘schools will be opened three to four weeks from now’.

In preparation for the resumption of the new school term, the minister revealed that the government is set to hire 6 000 teachers for the smooth reopening of schools in light of Covid-19, the highly infectious respiratory-related disease caused by the new coronavirus.

He also added that before reopening of schools, teachers will go through compulsory Covid-19 tests to ensure learners’ safety.

‘First, we want to make sure that the teachers undergo testing and screening, and the Government is going to take care of that. We will be effecting social distancing at schools. For instance, a classroom will be divided into two, with some classes being conducted in temporary buildings. This also means we will be recruiting more teachers. So far, we have been given the green light to take 6 000 teachers. Classes will resume two to three weeks apart.’

‘We are going to have a phased approach of opening schools like President Mnangagwa announced. Schools will be opened three to four weeks from now but we want to make sure that our schools are safe to reopen, so we have put in a lot measures to ensure that schools are safe.’

State universities are also set to reopen on June 1, but only final year students will be allowed on campus with the rest learning remotely using virtual and distance education and most activity online.

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