Charter House Accused and Exposed Again

Charter House Accused and Exposed Again. 

THIS IS HOW CHARTERHOUSE WOOED AMAKYE DEDE TO CROWNED KWAME EUGNE AS ‘HIGH-LIFE KING’ AGAINST HIS WILL. A Facebook post by Flex Germain reveled how charter house was again embarrassed itself by jumping on the necks of Amakye Dede to crown the young talent.

‘So I listened to Akwasi Aboagye of Peace Fm who apparently is Amakye Dede’s manager speaking on the issue. The VGMA board has approached Amkaye Dede to crown Kwame Eugene as hig-life king and he Amakye Dede saw no reason for that so told them he wouldn’t do it. On the night of the event before Amakye will go on stage Kiki approached him with a crown for that same purpose and he again refused but Kiki won’t take No, so according to kwesi Aboagye after pressure from Kiki, Amakye took the crown and gave to his driver to drop it in his car assuming if there wasn’t a crown then all this ends.

Only to be caught of guard by a lady walking on stage with a crown after Kwame Eugene was leaving the stage, to avoid any embarrassment he just decided to do it since the program was live.