CBD Edibles Vs Vaping | What Suits You Better?

CBD Edibles Vs Vaping | What Suits You Better?

CBD is the fastest growing industry, which has come a long way. Today, we can experience diverse products, ranging from oils, edibles, to strains. Though it’s good for the customers to have multiple options to choose from, the diversity is equally confusing for some. If you are also confused about what CBD type to buy the next time, you should know their pros and cons to help you understand the options better. Here, we have comparatively analyzed CBD edibles and vaping to make the right selection for yourself. So, let’s dig in.

CBD Edibles — What Are They?

As the name suggests, these edibles are food items that are infused with varying concentrations of CBD. Imagine enjoying the same benefits while eating chocolate, gummy bears, coffee, candies, and many more. It is indeed an entertaining way to consume your daily dosage, especially when you combine it with your favorite food.

You can either buy the products from a local dispensary, or you can make it at home as well. Just add a few drops of CBD oil to your food item and Viola! Your CBD edible is ready. However, if you want to enjoy it at the maximum, we suggest buying edibles online at an affordable market price.

Why Choose Edibles?

Long-lasting Effects — When you swallow instead of inhaling, the items end up in the digestive tract where it is absorbed in the blood. That’s how CBD stays in your system for a long time, providing lasting benefits.

Flavorful — Of course, they are extremely flavorful, especially when you’re having the sweet versions — chocolates, gummies, candies, etc.

Ensure Discretion — It is one of the best ways to discreetly consume CBD without attracting surrounding eyes. How can anyone know if the candies you’re gulping contain cannabinoids?

Enough Variety — Edibles come in a wide range of flavors and types, allowing you to enjoy a different experience every next time. Plus, the flavors are incredibly amazing without any artificial sweeteners. Not to forget, they also come in vegan options.


Since the substance is absorbing in your digestive tract, it takes a while before you can experience the results. Therefore, you won’t be able to enjoy instant pleasure with edibles.

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One more thing that you will find troublesome is to measure the dosage, especially when you are DIYing edibles. If you are going for factory-made edibles, make sure the dosage per unit material is mentioned on the packaging. Even though it is, you may never know the accuracy of that figure.

Vaping CBD — Is It Any Good?

Vaping is a modern yet safer alternative to smoking in which vapors are produced through a vaporizer. The device heats up the vape juice or strains and converts them into mouth-watering vapors without giving rise to harmful toxins and carcinogens.

They come in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular ones are the portable versions just like Yocan wax pens. It allows them to enjoy a tasteful experience on the go.

If you are using strains or dry herbs, some preparation is needed to pulverize the material using a spice grinder.

Why Choose Vaping?

Quick Results — Since you are inhaling rather than digesting, you can enjoy the effects within a few minutes, depending on the dosage. When compared to other methods of consumption, vaping provides the fastest results.

No Combustion — Cigarettes wreak havoc on your body because it involves combustion that exudes harmful substances. Vaping is different, thus a lot safer. The vape machines use convection rather than combustion to vaporize the fuel without generating toxins.

Regulation —   With vape devices, you can easily regulate how much CBD to consume every day. For instance, an e-juice bottle with 100 mg of CBD will provide you with 1-2 mg in every puff. By doing the simple math, you can take notes of your daily consumption.

Temperature Flexibility — Vape devices are embedded with strong batteries, allowing you to manipulate the voltage. With varying temperatures, the strength of the hit, and also the intensity of the flavor change.  This allows you to adjust the device as per your mood and needs. Remember not all devices come with temperature flexibility.


Even though it is fast, the effects of vapors do not last as long as edibles. So, to keep enjoying, you would have to continue inhaling.

Moreover, if you are using hefty devices, it would be difficult to entertain yourself while maintaining discretion.

The Final Verdict

What you choose will determine how you will enjoy the benefits of CBD. If you want instant results, vaping should your first choice, whereas, for long-lasting effects, there is no parallel to edibles. However, if flavor is your top priority, the answer isn’t as straightforward. That’s because both offer an incredible range of delicious flavors that you will fall in love with. So, the final choice depends entirely upon your personal preference.