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Casino for Discord: Discord Gambling Bots in 2021

The golden age of Artificial intelligence and internet technology is taking the gambling industry on a transformative path. In the past two decades, casinos have witnessed a significant leap forward in game accessibility, virtual client interactive interfaces, AI algorithms, and downloadable casinos. Discord is another platform that is shaking up the industry, providing gamblers with new ways to enjoy their favorite games.

To many, Discord is a place where one can belong in a worldwide community for almost anything from school clubs to gaming groups. The platform currently boasts more than 25 million users and counting. 

Members can create invite-only spaces called Discord servers organized on their interests, collaborate, share, and chat with others. Each community can add moderation tools and custom member access for the special power of exclusivity. Among the unique features that come with Discord’s multi-level communication design is its bots.

What Are Discord Bots?

Discord bots are AIs that perform useful automated tasks on the servers. The bots can carry out many commands like welcoming players, moderating content, and prohibiting rule breakers. 

The bots are also valuable for adding memes, music, games, and other content. Discord bots elevate your experience to the next level, whether you are an admin seeking help moderating your server or a user looking to innovate how you interact with other server members.

Discord gambling bots are options of these AIs that allow server members to enjoy gambling services as they would in regular online casinos but with a bit of flair. Users can indulge in popular games like roulette, slots, blackjack, video poker, and others.

Top Recommendations

Sort through the Discord casino bots you come across according to their newness, rating, and certification by their platform. The key to highly engaging and entertaining gambling communities is the bots that they use, and here are the most reputable:

  • Rocket Gambling Bot #1075

Rocket Gambling Bot (RGB) lets casino gamblers compete with others for top scores on leaderboards, collect points, and earn achievements. Games are available to play using virtual cash that can be used to purchase swag in the shop, which also has leaderboards. The available games include Blackjack, Crash, Dice Roll, Rock paper Scissors, Roulette, and slots. Connect Four is the only multiplayer game. 

Rocket Gambling Bot comes in Recommended and Minimum modes. Recommended mode offers the best gamer experience by reducing game channel clutter and using message reactions for most games. Minimum mode features typed game responses and lacks some titles like Connect Four.

  • Cold Gambling #0694

Cold Gambling offers a decent game collection, including sports betting, poker, HD Blackjack, Stocks, and Flip Coin. Cold Gambling comes with main, casino, income, and upgrade commands. The casino ones include;

!rr 2000 @Player2 Player Russian Roulette
!blackjack valuePlay Blackjack
!crash valueCrash game mode, but don’t crash!
!minesweeper valueIts minesweeper
  • MEE6

MEE6 is undeniably the most comprehensive bot out there for Discord casinos and beyond. Users can create custom commands that automatically assign roles to users and send messages based on specific actions using the main channel or direct messages. 

Welcome messages and automated roles are easy to work on as well. New server members can have the rules explained without anyone having to do anything manually. Perhaps the best feature is the customization of commands that automates the monitoring of content. Members can be kicked out for promoting unwanted ads, spam, or links, creating a tight-knit community that trusts the provided services.

  • Community Hubs Beta

The goal of this Discord bot is to enhance communication across different servers. The bot connects multiple Discord channels to a hub room to share information in the same space. 

Community Hubs Beta is a powerful way to bring community events like tournaments together. The bot can draw in audiences from multiple genres or allow the competition to host members from various communities. The back-end benefit is that some members may decide to join other communities they interact with that need the audience.

  • Gambling Bot

Gambling Bot is dedicated to casino servers and is currently used in over 100,000 of them. This bot offers access to a host of entertaining casino games like poker, roulette, slots, and blackjack. It also comes with famous board games like Tic Tac Toe and Connect 4. Gambling Bot stands out for its acceptance of cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, and Ethereum. However, cryptocurrencies can only be used in gameplay with a withdrawal option. The available commands include;

+roulettePlay roulette
+slotPlay slots
+horseGuess the horse that wins
+pokerPlay video poker with the bot
+minesweeperAvoid two bombs in the minefield
Crypto coinsPurchase and sell cryptocurrency coins with credits
+shopBuy levels and upgrades
  • IdleRPG

IdleRPG is ideal for spicing up Discord casinos since it gives players some gameplay control, something not commonly found in regular games. The bot adds a complex roleplaying game that lets members create characters, embark on adventures, and level up with other server members.

  • RockPuppy

RockPuppy adds basic but fun games to the server that pair well with luck-based slot, blackjack, poker, and roulette collections. Truth or Dare, 8ball, Connect 4, and Tarot are featured games. RockPuppy facilitates interactions through text-based games.

  • GamblingBot #2028

Roulette, jackpots, slot machines, and blackjack make up the all-around discord casino bot, GamblingBot #2028. Members get a daily reward for logging onto the server, and they keep growing for each consecutive log-in. Upvoting the server is also rewarding, alongside the payouts collected during gameplay.

  • Gamble Bot

Gamble Bot offers a range of gambling games like slots, roulette, blackjack, Crash, and more. The bot comes with built-in Waifus functionality, and its commands include;

.avatarCheck users’ avatar
.balanceCheck the wallet and bank balance
.flipPlay bet flip
.blackjackPlay blackjack against the bot
.robRob users
.rpsRock Paper Scissors against the bot
.buyBuy items from the item shop


Adding these bots to Discord casino servers requires finding them on the creators’ websites or an online bot list. Clicking on the bots usually activates an “invite” button that redirects to the platform’s browser application. The bots have a series of commands for in-server use to perform specific tasks. provides you free bonus that you can use to play casino games.