To donate plasma, you will have to go through a screening process. There’s a machine for the separation of plasma and often the platelets from your blood sample. This process of separation is called plasmapheresis.

Can You Donate Plasma When You Smoke?

Have you ever had a donation before? The idea of donating blood or plasma to save lives is quite incredible if you think about it. Plasma donation is quite similar to normal blood donations. Plasma donations take quite longer than blood donations. Enjoy this read!

What is Plasma

Plasma is often a forgotten part of blood. White blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets are important to body function. Plasma is the largest part of your blood and makes up more than half of its overall content. Plasma is a light yellow liquid that is separated from the blood. Plasma carries water, salts, and enzymes. This fluid carries the blood components throughout the body. The role of plasma is to take nutrients, hormones, and proteins to the parts of the body that need it. Cells also put their waste products into plasma. The plasma aids in the removal of these waste products from the body. The plasma is a critical part of t treatment for many serious health problems.

To donate plasma, you will have to go through a screening process. There’s a machine for the separation of plasma and often the platelets from your blood sample. This process of separation is called plasmapheresis. This is to check if your blood is healthy or not. If you qualify for the plasma donation, you will spend about an hour and a half at a clinic. The type AB plasma can be given to people of all blood types. The proteins and antibodies in plasma are also used in therapies for rare chronic conditions. The gift of life as some health organizations calls the plasma.

To donate plasma, you will have to go through a screening process. There’s a machine for the separation of plasma and often the platelets from your blood sample. This process of separation is called plasmapheresis.


How Can You Donate Plasma?

Donation centers make sure you’re perfectly healthy before allowing you to give blood plasma because it’s such an important product. The rules governing each hospital for such donations might be completely different but certain rules must still be obeyed. Here are the procedures to follow

  • You must be 18years old and above and weighs at least 110pounds to donate.
  • You must also pass a thorough medical history screening, a physical examination, and a test for transmissible infections like HIV and Hepatitis. This also means that people who have used intravenous drugs won’t be able to give blood.
  • You must be fit and well
  • You must have enough blood to donate safely

Can you donate plasma if you smoke weed?

Blood plasma donations are used in cancer treatments as well as life-saving plasma transfusions for people with blood clotting issues. Since there is so much at risk, tight restrictions and procedures regarding plasma donation requirements are in place and some persons may be ineligible.

The answer to this question is yes if you are physically healthy and complete screening standards, smoking marijuana does not automatically restrict you from becoming a blood or plasma donor. You can’t be stoned on the day you want to donate.

Can you donate plasma if you smoke cigarettes?

To donate plasma there are certain procedures you have to first go through. You will have to be screened but the good news is that you can donate plasma if you smoke cigarettes.

Here are some precautions you will need to take before the donation.

  • You must avoid smoking cigarettes 30 minutes before and after donation
  • You must meet all the requirements of the facility you are donating to.
  • You must be generally well and fit for the donation.
  • You must be 18 years and older
  • You must have enough blood to donate safely
  • You must be ready to give out some personal details

Can you donate plasma if you drink

Alcohol may cause dehydration and make plasma donation more difficult due to its diuretic issues. Therefore it is not advisable to take alcohol 24hours before donating plasma. Alcohol does not give more plasma and since plasma donations require individuals to be fit and well, you need to treat this with urgency.

Why Can’t you donate Plasma after Drinking Alcohol?

Alcohol dehydrates the body and it is not advisable to have even the slightest bit of water loss 24hours before or after blood. This could be very harmful to your health. Even though alcohol is essential for the body, you must be fit and well for plasma donation to take place. Hence do not take alcohol 48 to 72 hours before donation.

What Can Disqualify You From Donating Plasma

The following can hinder you from donating plasma.

  • If you have a chronic medical condition
  • If you are low on iron
  • If you are on medications
  • If you have a fever, general body weakness, and cough.
  • If you need to travel

What should you eat before Plasma donation?

Plasma is about 90 percent of water and 10 percent proteins. You need to be well and fit before you decided to be a participant in this donation process. This also applies when you want to donate blood.

Here are some things you need to know

  • You need to drink lots of water
  • You need to eat protein and rich in iron foods such as fruits, veggies, grains, beans, shrimp, eggs, yogurt, and nuts
  • You need to eat a full and healthy meal on the day of donation

What You should not eat before a Plasma donation

Certain foods are not to be consumed before having your plasma donation. Do not eat sodium-rich and fatty foods and drinks like pizza, French fries, chips, ice cream, and soda on the day of your plasma donation. A high-fat diet can cause lipemia, this is the presence in the blood of an abnormally high concentration of emulsified fat. This can cause your plasma to have a milky appearance which can affect the tests that are being run. If this happens you can’t donate.

You have to avoid taking coffee, tea, red wine, chocolate, milk, or high-fiber foods if you want to boost your iron levels. Taking too many foods and beverages too close when is mealtime can prevent iron absorption. Avoid the use of any form of nicotine or tobacco at least an hour before your donation.

What to Drink before Plasma donation

Hydration is an essential process before plasma donation. Plasma is about 90% water and drinking a lot of helps you to recover after donation.24hours before donation, drink at least 9 to 13 cups of water. Avoid too cold or hot water. You can go for room temperature water instead. You can also take low-sugar fruit juice like orange juice as another good option.