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Call Queue Issues and How to Solve Them?

If you do not want to miss a call or a business opportunity, then you need a call queue system. It can sometimes be overwhelming when there are so many calls since you can answer one at any time. The call queue is a common solution to such an issue. Every caller has been kept on hold at some point and no one actually likes it, but with a call queuing system, businesses can try and make the calling experience as painless as possible. A call queue system can help:

  • If your VoIP phone number is busy, you can place any new call in a queue. 
  • You will stop missing phone calls and potential leads.
  • You can serenade your callers while they wait in the queue with on-hold music or periodically play a message.
  • It can be great for businesses which get a lot of phone calls or just have fewer employees to answer the calls. 

How does Call Queue work?

  • As your incoming calls pile up and all the destinations you are forwarding to are busy, the calls will start to stack up.
  • The callers wait whilst the system tries the destinations until one is available.
  • While callers wait, they can play music and listen to messages about your services or products so you can make the most of the time they are waiting.

Businesses of every size share one mutual challenge that is handling the call queue in an efficient and professional way which enhances customers experience. After all, the customers are understandably annoyed. Around 86% of consumers wait on hold when they contact customer services, and overall forty-three days on hold wait in their whole lifetime. There are a lot of different approaches to address the call queue organization. In this article, we are going to discuss some common issues and how a business’s hosted phone system can better address these issues with an efficient call queue system. 

Prioritizing Call Queue

In a perfect world, the customer support services team would address callers with simple issues in the queue quickly and choose to give attention to customers with more tough issues. Yet the call queuing system works on a first-come, first-served basis. Nonetheless, one way to provide callers with uncomplicated problems help is to utilize targeted pre-recorded announcements. After finding the most common queries called in by customers, the business can record particular announcements providing troubleshooting solutions to address those problems. 

Peak Call Times Staffing

If only the customers called at regular paced intervals during the day, constantly every day, year-round and without any surge time. As they do not, businesses can address busy periods in different ways.

  • Plan to train employees on non-working days. Your workers might be more receptive than you would think since this option can reduce the stress of their day to day work.
  • If a business is capable of anticipating certain busy time periods of year to manage incoming calls, that would be a great time to limit break time for those who answer calls. 
  • Bring in temporary help to manage the peak times. 
  • Allow staff to leave early or to arrive later in order to address personal matter in return for more employees available during peak times.
  • The call back technology can improve customer experience, since they are able to pick whether to wait. Knowing that they will receive assistance soon can decrease that customer’s urge of reaching out to a competitor for help. 
  • Connect with other departments so that the support team knows how to in advance anticipate increased call volume. For instance, after launching a new direct mail campaign or during a social media marketing push for a future event.

Long Wait Times

Every business wants to build a positive relationship with customers who battle with impatience. Since society has become more tech-savvy, the threshold for waiting has shrunk. With a call queue system there are different opportunities to keep impatience at bay:

  • Utilizing periodic announcements that address where the customers are in the queue or providing estimated wait times.
  • You can upload music selections or informational announcements in order to make the wait time more pleasant or informative. 
  • Your agents can streamline the caller’s information on the desktop to have all the relevant data at their fingertips.

Managing a Full Queue 

Positive customer support experiences are essential to a good relationship with customers since no one likes to wait. With VoIP call queue system, a business can determine in advance how they can direct the system with great efficiency to manage the wait time of callers. Handling a maximum number of callers, the queue member retries, and queue ring strategies are just starting points to more efficiently manage peak call times without breaking the system.