Call Pest Control: 5 Signs of a Tick Infestation

A tick infestation can be detrimental to your health. When left untreated, ticks burrow into your home. Their presence can cause different diseases some of which are deadly.

At the first sign of a pest problem, you need to call pest control. Doing this will eliminate the problem before you or your family are infected.

Anyone who lives in areas where ticks are common should be familiar with the signs of an infestation. Here are five signs you have a pest infestation.

1. Lyme Disease

Ticks bring many diseases with them. A common one is Lyme disease. Black-legged and deer ticks can infect humans with bacteria. The only way for this to happen is if the tick is on your skin for 36 hours or more.

If one or more members of your family are diagnosed with Lyme disease there’s a strong possibility you are in need of a tick exterminator.

2. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Ticks are carriers of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF). The symptoms are similar to that of the flu. In addition, a rash will start to appear around the hands, feet, and spread to other areas. It can also cause death.

You will start to see signs about two weeks after you’ve been bitten by a tick. If you recognize the signs soon enough and receive antibiotics, this disease is easily treatable.

3. Tick Eggs

Ideally, you can catch an infestation before it leads to disease. One thing to be on the lookout for in areas where ticks are common is their eggs.

To the untrained eye, tick eggs are difficult to spot. They’re small and often hidden well. Look around doors, windows, under rugs, and baseboards. Contact a tick exterminator if you find any eggs.

4. Hidden Ticks

There are many different ways ticks can make their way into your house. They can attach to a shoe, a pet, or even you. Once they get inside they don’t like to leave.

You may not notice them at first because of their size, but they could start showing up in your vacuum cleaner.

5. Visible Ticks

This is a sure sign that you need pest control services. If the infestation gets to the point where you’re able to consistently see ticks you have a serious problem.

Picking them out of pet fur or even off your own skin is the only way to make sure you won’t get any diseases. However, in the case of an infestation, it’s possible for you to not even know they’re there until too late.

Call Pest Control

As soon as you spot one or more of these signs you need to call pest control. Trained professionals will fix the problem for you. Simply look up “pest control near me” to find some local options.

Ticks are not a problem you can ignore. They bring disease into your home and can harm you and your family. Once you notice there’s a problem you have to solve it immediately.

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