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Buyer persona in the marketing strategy: who influences email deliverability?

Email test tool developers on what Persona is

Knowing the image of one’s ideal customer is crucial for email deliverability. Every company must understand the nature of their target audience, who they and what their needs are. The email test tool is most likely to be silent about this because the thing has different goals which aren’t less important. That’s when the marketer comes to using the Buyer Persona. 

Let’s provide a brief explanation on what we are talking about. Buyer Persona appeared in 1999 as a digital marketing concept; it was based on the wish of users’ web platform experience optimization. Time passed and the Buyer Persona notion evolved. Nowadays, the Persona is understood as some company’s  ideal client image meant for allowing to target the audience most effectively. It’s hard not to agree that good email deliverability is a matter of knowing your customers, right?

Imagining one’s Buyer Persona involves approaching it really personally, but usually, they point out the main questions a marketer has to answer in the process. Thus, it needs to get the notion of your customer/prospect’s:





In the present guide we aim to do our best and help you get on the right track while designing your own Buyer Persona. 

Persona’s main advantages: can a test for email deliverability reveal them? 

 When eager to test the email deliverability for good results, the marketer is highly advised to realize several things. Probably the most important of them is to be aware of what kind of prospects he wants to interact with through cold emailing. That’s what creating the Buyer Persona is needed for: to let you know what qualities to look out in potential buyers. Knowledge will allow for wiser b2b email activities which will lead to seeing the email test tool showing more pleasant results. 

Is Buyer Persona going to give you the edge in any way while running campaigns? Let’s give it a little analysis. 

As we see it, the main advantages of Buyer Persona are:

-Providing the marketer with a valuable asset that offers a way to understand the company’s goals. When one knows what his company is meant to achieve, it becomes much clearer which direction to turn the activities to. 

-The Buyer Persona is not only capable of helping a company to define its potential buyers. It can also allow for:

  1. maximizing the company’s value proposition;
  2. improving marketing performance;
  3. optimizing return on investment. 

Buyer Persona composition: a “before-you-test-email-deliverability” research

Got any problems or lack of understanding how to create the perfect Buyer Persona properly? That’s not a thing to worry about, for providing distant help through offering guides isn’t the only kind of helping Folderly, a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins, does. Feel welcome to write to us for help! 

Whenever you are going to send a b2b email, test it for both spam issues and also being compatible with the campaign’s goals. Again and again should one check with the qualities of his Buyer Persona to be sure that the campaign is moving in the right direction. Surely, for the sake of cold b2b email activities’ success, a test tool able to provide the fullest information is of the highest value. But so is knowing the right Buyer Persona composition. 

What should your Buyer Persona include by all means?

-Quantitative nature information including demographic and identity data like age, sex, occupation etc. 

-Information of behavioral kind, like purchase habits, lifestyle etc. 

-Information on problems likely to arise in the customers’ daily life and what you can offer them for solving those issues. 

Building a Buyer Persona: email test tool plus knowledge to help achieve success

Surely, building a Persona may prove a little bit more complex than simply pushing a button and just running a test to check the email delivery rate or whatever it may be. The building of a proper Buyer Persona usually implies going through several stages including data gathering, consolidating the obtained information and making a Persona sheet. Further we are going to analyze each of the stages in detail hoping it will help everyone to make their cold b2b emailing maximum effective. 

  1. Stage 1. Information gathering. The most usual way to do it is to question prospects in order to collect data of quantitative and qualitative kind. This way the marketer is trying to understand who his potential customers are and what they need. Besides, let’s not forget about the possibility of exchanging with the company’s working staff. On this stage it’s about choosing the most representative panel there is. 
  2. Step 2: Consolidating the obtained information. After the background research has been finished, it’s time to sum up and categorize all the obtained information. That’s how a good overview is achieved. 
  3. Step 3: Making up a Persona sheet. That’s when a realistic profile of a potential customer is created; the profile has to include the made up client’s history, daily life, ambitions etc. 

Before I test my email deliverability: the research stage of creating a Persona

What else do we have to say about the 1st step of the Buyer Persona building process? 

As we already mentioned, necessary information can be gathered  by polling prospects and potential customers, having interviews with them (this can be done personally, through cold b2b emailing or phone calls). Don’t be shy to come to using your company’s specialized teams (the sales or customer service ones). These people are bound to always be in the most direct contact with prospects, thus they are those having to be aware of how every potential target comments on the company and its products.

No grand figures in the testemaildeliverability results without consolidating the data acquired

Step 2 “Consolidating the obtained information requires a lot of concentration and attention to details. It’s necessary for the marketer to already know at this stage what kind of B2B strategies and sales leads his campaigns require. With this condition met, it will be easier to figure out which information will prove the most valuable and which is rather secondary. Having picked the most important facts about your potential buyers, you will be able to emphasize the customer in the most effective way, thus creating a fully personalized marketing strategy. 

Writing a Persona sheet: can data collected by the email test tool help do it?

For now, it’s a couple more hints on the “Buyer-Persona-sheet-writing” guidelines. In fact, usually it’s better to take time and create several fictional customer profiles rather than one. From 3 to 5 Personas would be optimal. By the way, don’t forget that a Buyer Persona isn’t just general words, what by all means is required is a name and photo to identify a fitting person  among your real sales leads. 

Again, let us remind you: the main thing is to come up with a true to life profile that represents a segment of the company’s clientele. 

Definitely, writing a Persona sheet requires lots of time and thinking. In completing this difficult task, you shouldn’t necessarily be alone. The developers of a renowned spam trigger ( email deliverability) checker from Folderly are always ready to give a hand in making up the perfect Buyer Persona character. Anyway, no doubt, any marketer keeps a library of useful bookmarks in his Internet browser; all business people prefer to keep what and who may be of use handy, do they not? Will you let us be useful to you and thus, let yourself see the performance of campaigns rise much higher than was expected? The choice is always yours!