Business model in tandem with Saas development

Business model in tandem with Saas development

Saas is such special software which suits a business type like distribution. Paying some sum of money per week, month or year you receive a good and qualitative service. The Saas has its trial period, during which you can test all the functions and tools, after that you should pay to subscribe. If your personal situation has been changed or you have other plans, which are not connected with this software you can re vote the subscription easily. A big advantage of this system is that any final user should not worry about technical details and issues, making payment for the output lets you get powerful support. 

Saas works with any kind of device with any configurations because it is a cloud supplement. It has no physical server, which should be servicing. It allows final users to exclude depending on location, memory storage of the device or super fast Internet connection. Also, it means that you shouldn’t have a lot of free memory on your device. It works by sending special signals to data storage and server and back to your Saas account. Just logging in your account lets you see all your files, all your personal storage (files, photos and so on). Automatically saving lets you forget about many unnecessary actions connected with data preservation. Do you want to create your own cloud or move your important information there? Apply to saas application development company and feel all the advantages of Saas usage. 

Another significant advantage of this web cloud is uselessness for its updating. It makes this process by itself at the time you are enjoying Saas usage. Nary of manual actions, the system works without your participation.

Choosing this application you should think about the paying system you will use. This action should be done for approving payment requests, transfers, and verifying billing info. Another step is thinking how to select the system of payment.

Learn info about somel payment systems and try to understand well what one suits your goals perfectly. The required condition is availability of e-wallet. Ensure security function, be careful, attentive on this step. There are a couple of systems which can be put to use in business projects.


Special payment instrument, platform, which works with all kinds of debit and all kinds of credit cards, also with PayPal global  system. It collects, handles and stores customer credit card info connected with a payment gateway. This gateway decomposes the data suitable for possible deception. And finally, it processes the information and initializes the transfer from the pertinent bank account/credit card to your trading account. Braintree is applied by 25k leading websites and on-line stores. 


Stripe is also an online payment global system which is available now in more than 46 countries. Stripe also published details of their conditions, payment fees and other information on their web-site. Stripe offers a next level anti-fraud solution called Stripe Radar.

Sass of course has its risks as other business models. Despite such a fact that the system has a good security level, there is always a hazard of losing data. That’s why you must be sure that your most important data is saved in third party hands or in a reliable place of yours. How to turn your potential clients into paid subscribers? The most powerful tool for it is a trial period free of charge. If the final potential client is convinced to try it, the first important step to your profit is done. But you should be patient, because it can take for example several weeks to convert the user into the profit. The next substantial thing is to keep the client after he has signed up for a paying subscription. Therefore, you need to think about everything thoroughly and follow the drawn up plan of action and the project development.

By the way, there are several methods to turn your future Saas project into a profitable project. Several options are available for this: 

  • Price per feature (the emphasis is on features, more features, the more money should be paid)
  • Fixed price (it is explicitly from its name how it can be deciphered – for a certain fee you get a certain set of options)
  • Pay as it goes (type of payment depends on the way you use the product, proportionally to the functions and features you use you will pay)
  • Personal price (in this case choose the functions you need and create your own payment tariff)