Using environmentally friendly products is now the popular thing in society, everybody is talking about going green and people are getting more concerned about the planet. The idea of going green led to the invention of electric cars, and recycling. But when it comes to cleaning products many of the so called environmentally friendly ones are harsh.

However, the growing trend of using eco-friendly products have resulted in a range of cleaning products that are good for all forms of cleaning like household cleaning and office cleaning. If you are running a janitorial service, it is imperative that you employ these products so that the harsh ones do not affect those working at the office.

There is a company called Pro-Clean Janitorial Services. They specialize in Toronto commercial cleaning for businesses and offer their clients many environmentally friendly and/or green cleaning products.

Here are some of them:

1) Better Life Stainless Steel Polish

In the office, there are some equipment that are made of stainless steel and they need polishing. Cleaning stainless steel equipment can be a pain because you could end up leaving fingerprints and other marks. Furthermore, most of the polishes in the market are harsh and bad for the environment but Better Life stainless steel polish gives you the same cleaning power as other polishes and has protective fingerprint repellant. Finally, it is environmentally friendly.

2) Osmo Wash and Care Wood Floor Cleaner

Cleaning hardwood is not always easy and most of the wood cleaners in the market produce some artificial scent that can be repulsive. This scent can make your workers and clients uncomfortable. However, if you use the Osmo was, you will not experience all these difficulties and the ecosystem will be safer.

Osmo Wash and Care Wood Floor Cleaner
Osmo Wash and Care Wood Floor Cleaner

3) Intelligent Nutrients Hand Sanitizer

One of the products that company cleaning services make available are hand sanitizers. A hand sanitizer is a great product to have in an office because many people who come and go from the office carry around a lot of germs. Traditional hand sanitizers have been found to be harsh on the skin and are generally not eco-friendly. But intelligent nutrients hand sanitizers uses alcohol as the main ingredient and in combination with that are essential oils and other ingredients that help to kill bacteria and also keep the users healthy.

4) Moldex Mold Remover

The normal way of getting rid of mold is by using chlorine. But if a cleaning company wants to go green, chlorine bleach is not the way to go.  Moldex is environmentally friendly and it does not just kill mold, it inhibits mold growth in the future. This happens because the product uses a combination of materials that functions as a fungicide, viricide and a mold inhibitor.

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There are several other products that are environmentally friendly that you can use for office cleaning. But basically, the ones listed above are used almost every day. So, if you want a healthier environment at the office, environmentally friendly products are the way to go. However, many cleaning companies do not put these things in to perspective but if you are running a janitorial service and you want to be different then you must use environmentally friendly products. For a more comprehensive list of products, access a list here.