A Bull Shark attacks a pregnant woman and husband, Margot Eddy

A Bull Shark attacks a pregnant woman and husband, Margot Eddy

Vacation gone wrong for a US family in Atlanta coast when a bull shark attacked the husband of a pregnant woman.  The panicked call for help from 911 when his pregnant wife jumped into the water to save her husband, a survival many described as miraculous.

It all started with a snorkeling trip to Florida Keys’ Sombrero Reef. Andrew Eddy, his wife, Margot Eddy and her family had planned snorkeling for the morning of September 21th, which was a popular snorkeling spot. Jumping it into the water, everything went bad as a 2.5 or 2.7 metre foot bull shark attacked Mr Eddy on the shoulder.

Trying to get grips of how everything happened, Monroe County (Fla.) Sheriff Rick Ramsay put it this way ” It started shaking about, took him down under the water. He thought he was going to drown from a lack of oxygen. He said he started punching the shark, punching and punching.” 

As Eddy had been fighting with his shark for his life, the dorsal fin of the shark appeared and blood began filling the surface of the water at the spot. In what many described as a brave attempt, Mr Eddy is believed to have been fighting with the shark to rescue himself.

After a tough battle, Eddy gained freedom from the bull shark, sustaining serious injuries from the shoulder. Before then, his wife and few worried people jumped into the ocean to save the husband, just in front of the shark where he was taken to the nearest boat.

As that was going on, they placed a frantic call to 911 asking for help from Monroe County emergency. The group was told to take their boat to Sombrero Beach in Marathon, Florida. Mr Eddy and his family were met by emergency workers who rushed him to the hospital. His injuries, to his upper body, were said to be severe when he arrived.

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Since then, Mr Eddy has been recovering and their story of survival went viral around the world. Ms Eddy sent pictures of the couple in happier times so the world could meet her husband.

She said she’s very grateful for the outpouring of support for the couple and their soon-to-be expanding family. Mr Eddy hasn’t left Florida yet where he’s still recovering.
In a statement to CBS46, Margot said: “We are extremely grateful for the outpouring of love, prayers and support for our family. Andrew is on the road to a full recovery, and we are thankful that the severity of his injuries are not life-threatening.

Our family’s top priority at the moment is continued progress, protection, and peace for Andrew, me, and our unborn daughter. We kindly request that our privacy be respected during this time. Ms Eddy also posted a message to her Facebook page that while serious, the biggest upcoming event for Andrew will still happen”

“Andrew will be using his injured arm to hold his baby girl in just six weeks, and that is a miracle.” While shark bites are common in some parts of Florida, especially the central Atlantic coastal areas, shark attacks in the Florida Keys are very rare. According to the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File, there have been just 17 unprovoked shark bites in Monroe County since 1882.