Brand New Interview with Germany Native, Ali Ciwanro

Brand New Interview with Germany Native, Ali Ciwanro

Let’s talk about how you got into music… I usually ask songwriters about that “defining” moment that convinced them that music was a party made for them because usually many start things off as a hobby but it later develops into a purpose for a few… So how did you get into songwriting and what was the edging moment that convinced you to go in fully?

Ali Ciwanro: I really had a very difficult time at school and kept a lot of things bottled up. It’s a big mistake not to talk to anyone about your suffering. Anyway, one day I started to write down my feelings on a sheet of paper. I discovered my talent very early.

What is the one thing you think most makes you unique and stand out as a songwriter?

Ali Ciwanro: I am very different from other songwriters in that my song lyrics have a unique structure. My approach is also very unusual, you can hear that out later and the quality speaks for itself.

How do you measure success – a gold record, over 1-million streams on iTunes, winning Best Hip Hop Album at the SA Music Awards, or is it something more than this?

Ali Ciwanro: The things you listed are of course nice

and motivating, but I don’t define my success by such things, but by touching people with my art.

Looking at your life and career so far, what makes you most proud?

Ali Ciwanro: That I really made it out, as I swore to myself back then when I was 14 years old

How do you remain positive and inspired during challenging times?

Ali Ciwanro: Challenges are part of life. Our task is not to suppress them, but to accept them and draw strength from them.

Who and what has inspired your journey thus far?

Ali Ciwanro: In private, my father. In the music industry, the German rapper PA Sports. My father has taught me many values and PA Sports has shaped me very much in my art.

Last question. How far are you projecting your music? What’s the long-term goal for yourself?

Ali Ciwanro: I have already participated in two songs that went gold. I hope that I can contribute to many more gold records, however, my biggest goal is that I can realize myself and consolidate the music as my mouthpiece